If a QB is sitting there for us in Round 1...

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CowboyMike, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. CowboyMike

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    ..do you take him?

    I'm posting here because I want the voice of the objectionable non-Romo fairweather haters to answer this question. This is not an indictment of Tony Romo, because I still believe he can win us a Super Bowl. I'm talking about picking for the future.

    If Robert Griffin III, Matt Barkley, Landry Jones, or Tannehill are sitting there where we pick (hopefully towards the bottom of Round 1), do you grab one of them?

    We still have safety and maybe O-line and CB needs. What do you think?
  2. Hoofbite

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    If they are all there, I might be inclined to auction the pick off and try to move back up in the 2nd. I'd imagine there's gonna be one team who never thought one of those guys would get within range and will end up paying a nice ransom for him.

    Depends on how the team ranks them. If they view these guys as equals, why not try to snag a mid-round pick if you only have to move down a few spots?
  3. realtick

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    I'm not sure any one of those QBs you named outside of perhaps Landry Jones is a 1st round type talent.

    I do think we should look for a QB somewhere between the 2nd and 5th round, depending on who is available.

    I'd love to use a mid-round pick on a guy like Nick Foles from Arizona. I believe he has some real talent/traits to work with. He reminds me a bit of Matt Schuab/Matt Cassell.
  4. Dash28

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    RG3 is not a 1st Rd talent?
  5. realtick

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    I don't believe he is. People are getting enamored with his video game numbers, but I see a good college QB with a wide receivers body, a questionable NFL arm (his and Kellen Moore's arm are about the same), playing in a spread college offense.

    For whatever reason I've seen a few folks mentioning Cam Newton's name when talking about RG3, but I don't see why. Cam had a very good arm, a terrific frame with athleticism and a good delivery to work with going into the pros. He also performed at a high level against better competition week-in, week-out in the SEC throughout his career.

    I could go through a list longer than Schindler's of great college QBs with gaudy numbers who's game didn't translate to the NFL.
  6. Hoofbite

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    I think arm strength is over rated.

    If you're a good QB, you're a good QB.

    I think Moore has enough of an arm to get it done. That play to Titus last year before the missed FG at the end of the game was like 60 through the air.
  7. windward

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    I'm inclined for the second round or maybe third unless Landry Jones falls to us.

    Then I'd be tempted.

    I'm hardly anti-Romo but something in the back of my head reminds me of 2001-2005 and I'm
    Not too keen on repeating that experience.
  8. Hoofbite

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    Just saw this.

    Kind of funny.

  9. realtick

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    So you think arm strength is overrated, but you were impressed with Moore's 60-yard throw to Titus Young?

    A player with a lesser arm doesn't make that throw.

    My point is arm strength isn't the end-all-be-all of determining whether a QB will find success in the NFL (see: Joe Montana). However, when it's coupled with other factors, it builds an overall case against a player. Having said that, I do think arm strength is an important attribute to possess. Like they say, you have to make all the throws in this league. The throwing windows are small, and the defensive players are bigger, faster and quicker.

    FWIW, I do like Kellen Moore; always have.
  10. Hoofbite

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    No, I was simply pointing out that a 60 yard pass is plenty of arm strength in the NFL. Arm strength counts but I don't think it should be some sort of test to exclude any given player.

    You do have to make all the throws. I agree.
  11. ZeroClub

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    Insufficient NFL arm strength personified.
  12. reddyuta

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    i would do it if the right guy falls to us,Tony romo will never change.
  13. GloryDaysRBack

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    You are out of your mind if you don't think Barkley is a 1st round talent.

    I agree with you on RG3..however, teams are reaching for QBs..look at all the bums who went early in this last draft..somebody will reach on Rg3-in the 1st.
  14. cbow44

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    If we have a shot at RG 3 in the first round then heck yeah. Tannehill in around the 4th round or so. havent watched Barkley and not really impressed with Landry Jones.
  15. respectdatstar

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    Throughout his career? Didn't Cam only play 1 season at Auburn?
  16. ThreeandOut

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    Bunting came out with his top 5 QB's yesterday in this order...

    1) Luck
    2) Tannehill
    3) Barkley
    4) RG3
    5) Jones

    Unless they're willing to move on from Romo after 2012, I don't see Dallas taking a QB in round 1. Now if one of the QB's above were to fall to them in round 2, then they would probably jump at that opportunity.

    IMO, Tannehill would be the most likely to fall to them in round 2. Teams needing a QB to step and play immediately might be scared to take him due to his inexperience. But Dallas would be a good situation for him because they don't need an immediate starter. It would be similar to Tyron Smith where teams didn't look at him earlier because he hadn't played LT. But that wasn't an issue with Dallas since they didn't have an immediate need at LT.
  17. casmith07

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    So you see Sam Bradford.
  18. realtick

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    Lol, so you believe Sam Bradford = RG3?

    If that's not what you're saying, I don't understand your reference.
  19. realtick

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    Where Barkley goes in the draft obviously is going to be dictated on how the season shapes up. Players can be drafted higher due to demand on a position. So for me, saying Matt Barkley is gauranteed 1st rounder doesn't say much to me.

    I'm looking at him as a QB prospect.

    I'm not overly enamored with him, although he is having a great start to this season. He's not in Andrew Luck's echelon (nobody this year is). I think Barkley compares very similiar to Jimmy Clausen (2nd rounder '10), Christian Ponder (1st round '11), and Andy Dalton (3rd round '11) in terms of the type of prospect he is.
  20. GloryDaysRBack

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    THis is where I disagree. I think as a prospect Barkley is a 1st rounder. Kid has it all. He just isn't a "sexy" prospect for whatever reason.

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