If D. White had won a SB, would he be among the great Cowboy QBs

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Gryphon, Feb 10, 2006.

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    GOOD QUESTION ASKED IN ANOTHER FORUM: If you look at Danny White's statistics, hes right up there with Staubach and Aikman. But Roger and Troy won Super Bowls, the one thing White could never do for us.

    If Danny White had won a Super Bowl, would he be mentioned among the quarterback greats like Aikman and Staubach are?

    Danny White was one of the most underrated QB's of all time. The offenses under his control during the early 80's put up some of the biggest #'s in our history. I believe he threw for a franchise record of 3,900 + yds in 1985 which still stands.

    Even though we lost, he did lead us to 3 straight NFC title games & those losses can not be pinned solely on him. Although were manhandled as a team by Philly & Wash(1980 & 1982), it took "The Catch" to beat us in the 1981 title game. Also, for anyone who does not remember, in a last gasp effort, Danny White was moving the ball in the final seconds after "The Catch" & hit Drew Pearson accross the middle. Pearson came very close to breaking the diving tackle of a San Fran defender before being brought down & time ran out.

    If Pearson had broken the tackle to score & Dallas had went on to beat the Bengals, who knows what effect that would have had on team moral/confidence the next season. It may have propelled the Cowboys to a higher level & maybe another SB. I think "WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN" pretty much summed up White's tenure w/ the Cowboys. A very talented, very competitive QB who played in the shadow of the great Roger Staubach.

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    Actually, that was not the last play of that game. The final play for us was just after that catch by Pearson when Danny White was sacked and fumbled taking away our last chance for the win.

    Pearson's catch put us in long FG range but White's fumble obviously took that opportunity away.

    All that said, I have always liked Danny White and thought that he was judged way too harshly, mostly because he wasn't Roger Staubach. He was a very good QB who had his share of come from behind wins in big games.
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    If ANY QB wins a SB for the Dallas Cowboys he would be great in my book.

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    If he had won one Super Bowl, no.
    If he had won two Super Bowls, yes.

    QB greatest in Dallas means winning two Super Bowls or more. :D
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    Yes he would.

    Danny White was a very good QB...He has nothing to be ashamed of.

    Coming out of Staubach's shadow...He did just fine.

    Of course we as Cowboys fans only equate Super Bowl Trophies for our QB's as a measure of greatness...So White will always be seen as inferior.

    Unjust to me.
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    Yes, Danny would be considered among the greats.

    However, he had a way of coming up small in the big game very similar to the Mannings today.
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    Yep...I think so...his career rating was better than Staubach's, if memory serves me...the only thing he was missing was the ring.

    Staubach had a flair that would always have him as number one in many of our hearts.

    But if Danny White won a Super Bowl, yeah, he'd be up there on our list.
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    Danny White was a terrific passer. Better than Bledsoe... right up there with Roger and Troy. It's to bad that he didn't win SB.
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    He was also super smart...and very athletic...

    Hey, it wasn't Danny White who was covering Dwight Clark.
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    solid little career

    I always liked Danny White, underappreciated Quarterback. He was actually wronged late in his career. If there are any honest fans of the 80's era..... Many jumped onto the Hogeboom/Pelluer wagon. Well the damn wheels were rotted and didn't go too far......

    Dallas never recovered from his broken wrist I believe in 1986/87 - we were 6-2 and started a meteoric freefall after.......
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    He is among the great QB's IMHO. Danny played with a old team. Given the same teams that Troy and Roger had Danny would have won with those teams.
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    To me, Danny White always reminded me of the original Steve Young. Great athlete, extremely intelligent and very accurate if not a real hard thrower.

    IMO, the wrist injury really ended Danny's career. If he had been able to avoid that injury, I think he easily wins a championship. JMO.
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    would have been nice if someone would have at least tried.
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    I say yes. Danny White was the QB when I became a fan and is my favorite all-time Cowboy. I said my peace on the subject long ago:
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    The answer to the question is yes. But he would probably be on the bottom of that group. Another point - he was the best punting QB in our team history. :D
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    He mad me cry a lot in the 80's but yeah, if he won one big one he'd be more respected than not.

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