If D. White had won a SB, would he be among the great Cowboy QBs

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Gryphon, Feb 10, 2006.

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    If we had won that game- Pearson breaking/avoiding that tackle- it would have been a tough game against the Bengals- but I think we win.
    ANd that could have made all the difference in the world to the team and its confidence in Danny. And yes we probably would have maybe won another one as well down the line. Danny would then be up with Roger and would have had a real good shot at the HOF. He was the third best QB in our history= which is PRETTY GOOD.

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    People make a point of saying that White failed in big games which is only partly true. The real truth is that the TEAM failed in big games while White was the QB. The other part of that is that the same team failed under Staubach a number of times in big games but we gloss over that because he won 2 SBs.

    Under Staubach we lost:

    1972 NFC Championship vs the Redskins 26-3
    1973 NFC Championship vs the Vikings 27-10
    1975 Super Bowl vs the Steelers 21-17
    1976 Divisional Playoff vs Rams 14-12
    1978 Super Bowl vs Steelers 35-31
    1979 Divisional Playoff vs Rams 21-19

    That's 6 big games under Staubach that we didn't win.

    Under White we lost:

    1980 NFC Championship vs Eagles 20-7
    1981 NFC Championship vs 49ERs 28-27
    1982 NFC Championship vs Redskins 31-17
    1983 Wildcard Playoff vs Rams 24-17
    1985 Divisional Playoff vs Rams 20-0

    That's 5 big games under White that we didn't win.

    The difference is that Staubach also won 2 SBs but lost one more big game than White.

    If you watched those games then you would see that they were not won or lost solely because of the QB but because the team stepped up or let down. In the losses in 1980, 1982, and 1985 we gave up huge yards to the opposing RBs (Wilbert Montgomery, John Riggins, & Eric Dickerson) so how is that White's fault?

    To me the major difference between Staubach and White was Roger's ability to lead the team and inspire them to play above their abilities at times but he holds that distinction over every QB to ever play the game IMO as I rank him #1 in that attribute. That said, there were plenty of times that he was unable to lead his team to victory as shown above.

    I also consider Don Meredith to have been a great QB even though he never won anything except a single playoff game in 1967. He lost every other big game he played in:

    1966 NFL Championship vs Packers 34-27
    1967 NFL Championship vs Packers 21-17
    1968 Divisional Playoff vs Browns 31-20

    Dan Marino, Sonny Jurgensen, Ken Anderson, Y.A. Tittle, and several other great QBs never won a championship either but they were still great QBs.

    Winning championships is about the team not the QB.
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    You beat me to it, Thumper. When Danny was sacked and fumbled I actually cried! Very emotional game for me as I just knew we were going to the SB! Never in my wildest dreams did I realize that it was the start of one dynasty and the end of the other!:mad:
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    Very true... as a matter of fact, at the beginning of that year the Cowboys were on the verge of breaking the Bills record for opening the season by scoring 30+ points in their first 4 games... I remember seeing the graphic on Monday Night Football against the Cardinals... However I also remember they mentioned that the Bills didn't make the playoffs the year they set that record... I think the following week they went out and got trashed in Denver.
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    Good analysis, Thumper, but I think this line says it all.

    It's probably the biggest reason for Roger's greatness.

    White fell short in this regard ... heck, more than half the team wanted Hogeboom as the starter when that informal vote was taken in the mid-1980s. He didn't exactly inspire his teammates.

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    Leadership is probably the least emphasized yet most important aspect of an NFL QB. Too often people are impressed by some QB's size, arm strength, ability to throw a spiral 80 yards, etc. when in fact it is his ability to lead the team that is the real key for the position.

    It was Staubach's leadership that set him apart from guys who were better passers. His ability to inspire and lift the team was extremely rare and has really only been seen in a handful of QBs over the years and none to the level that he had.

    Montana & Elway come the closest of the QBs since Staubach but I still give Roger a definite edge over Joe. Unitas and Otto Graham were the only guys in his league prior to Roger.

    I define leadership in a QB as: It is that confidence that the QB inspires in his teammates, on both sides of the ball, that so long as he is in the game they have a chance and all they have to do is get the ball back for him or make the play and he will lead us to victory. He leads by example and will do whatever is required of him to win the game.

    Aikman was more of a leader than people give him credit for but not nearly on a par with Staubach.

    I rank the all-time top-10 QBs in terms of leadership (based on my definition above) as follows:

    1. Roger Staubach
    2. Joe Montana
    3. Johnny Unitas
    4. John Elway
    5. Otto Graham
    6. Sammy Baugh
    7. Brett Favre
    8. Dan Marino
    9. Dan Fouts
    10. Steve Young

    This is completely subjective and is just my opinion based on my perception of their leadership abilities. Everyone else is entitled to rank them any way they see fit. In fact I would like to see how others rank the top-10 QBs leadership abilities.

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    Wow! You have Steve Young(49ers)? on there instead of Aikman?
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    Roger Staubach
    11 years
    131 games
    1685 completions
    2958 attempts
    22700 yards
    153 TDs
    109 INTs
    83.4 QB rating

    Danny White
    13 years
    166 games
    1761 completions
    2950 attempts
    21959 yards
    155 TDs
    132 ints
    81.7 QB rating

    Danny had a very good career. I would not say great because his playoff QB rating was 71.8. That contributed to the team not getting to the Superbowl. The defense was not quite as good during his early tenure as it was under Staubach, but he had critical turnovers in the big games. Sure it isn't fair that he was compared to Staubach, but a QB has to be a leader and inspire confidence. White sometimes did not as witnessed by the Hogenboom mess and to a smaller extent, the Kevin Sweeney issue during the scab 1987 season. I remember fans being mad that White crossed the picket line and playing against the Redskins and the team losing that game. It wasn't as if Sweeney was that talented, but many were tired of White.
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    I have always considered Danny White a very good QB regardless if he reached a SB or not. As an individual performer he did his job very well to blame him for no SB is pretty simple minded and just shows some can't tell the difference between team accomplishments and individual accomplishments.
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    I liked Danny, but his int's usually tore my heart out. But yeah, winning a big one would have made a difference.
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    I still can't understand why Tom Landry replaced D. White after just leading them to 3 consecutive NFC title games. He had good numbers and I think it would of just added to the cowboys legacy. I mean think about it Staubach in the 70's, White in the 80's, and Aikman in the 90's. But yes, not only would white be an all-time great cowboy qb, but a sure hall of famer IMO.

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    It was the wrist injury. White couldn't control the passes he threw. They sailed too much because the wrist didn.t have flexability. Danny could no longer snap off throws. I think that Coach Landry new he would eventually have to replace White so he might as well see what he had. JMO

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