If DE was really the missing piece

Discussion in 'Roster Zone' started by xwalker, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. xwalker

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    What if a great pass rushing DE is really the missing piece for 2017?

    How far would you and could the Cowboys go to get one?

    They could spend big in Free Agency if they wanted to, but the options are very limited.

    Chandler Jones appears to be the best but will likely be franchised.

    Can 1 or 2 draft picks at DE solve the problem?

    Can they trade Romo to move up in the draft?

    Is DE really the biggest need? They need a second #1 type WR and CB is sketchy going into 2017.
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  2. cowboys1981

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    I'd like to go after
    DE Mario Addison
    DE Chandler Jones

    As far as draft if the situation is right pick a pass rusher. Don't reach, I believe BPA which never seems like a popular choice during the selection.

    Dream scenario: Trade Romo to Houston for DE Whitney Mercilus. Houston can restructure Romo's non guaranteed salary in order to reduce his cap hit.
  3. Leadbelly

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    I love having a star RDE (or even a good one) just because games are more fun when we have a threat from the QB's blind spot. But given that the top two teams in the league at 11-2 (New England and Dallas) don't have anything special off the edge, how much does it really help? We got to Eli fine in our two losses.

    For all the attention the position gets from fans, Belichick seems to feel indifferent about sacks. They've traded two top DL in Richard Seymour and Chandler Jones over the years. Even the LBers he values are not the pure outside rushers. Rod and BB seem to share a similar philosophy.

    I've come around to preferring numbers and scheme over stars. This era is about scoring and preventing scoring and situation substitution. Fresh legs from a bunch of solids guys is better in a marathon than tired legs from one premier guy. Our DL has looked okay as we're coming down the stretch. A great RDE is a $14-$18 mil per year player. That's 2-3 good players.
  4. big dog cowboy

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    We need a strong unit not a super star DE. Our DL's back in the 90's came at you in waves. Backups were as good as the starters. Tolbert, Lett, Haley, Hennings, Jeffcoat, J. Jones, Maryland and even guys like Casillas, McCormack and Tony Hill were contributors.
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  5. haleyrules

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    Thats a darn good defense you just listed... Haley , Jeffcoat and big ole Leon Lett would take the present Team to a few SB's. Haley was most certainly a big Star. He was one of the most feared Defensive players in the league for years.
  6. Manwiththeplan

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    I mean we can cross our fingers and hope we get lucky, but more than likely it will take more than one off season to fix the DE position.
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  7. LocimusPrime

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    Yes the 90s Cowboys had "waves" of players, but it was waves of probowl players!

    Tony Tolbert - 1996 probowl. 1996 all pro DE
    Charles Haley - 5x probowlers 2x all pro
    Jeffcoat - 1984 11.5 sacks, 1985 12 sacks, 86 14 sacks, 89 11.5 sacks, 92 10.5 sacks
    Leon lett - 2x probowler 1994,1998
    Russell Maryland - 1993 probowl
    Tony Casillas - 2nd team all pro 1989

    we need a stud pass rusher....I think we have plenty of rotational guys.
    So basically...I agree with you lol

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  8. dallasdave

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    Big 95 Irving ----------------Come on down
  9. haleyrules

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    Amen. I loved that defense. The tripletts and offense got the Lions share of the credit...but there are no SB's without Haley and crew.
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  10. darthseinfeld

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    IMO you bring back Ware on a short term deal to be a 3rd down rusher and you add talent to groom through out the draft. I think you want to take a DE to groom both within the first 3 and last 3 rounds to add not only a starter but a solid roational player.

    Ware fixes you immediate pass rush issues, and we have an abundance of run stopping DE's that afford us the luxury of a 3rd down rusher
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  11. waving monkey

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    I like what the scout department is doing and would prefer to stay that course.
    Draft well and pick off promising talent off other teams practice squad.
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  12. Doomsday

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    I would go after Cameron Wake this off season, he has played really well the 2nd half of the season and finally appears to be recovered from his ACL injury.

    He is older and should be relatively cheap.

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