If Desean Jackson signs with the Redskins on Monday Uh Oh

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by cej757, Mar 30, 2014.

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    I thought he had scored a handful of times when playing against Dallas. According to the pro-football reference Jackson has 1 receiving TD(regular season only) against Dallas that occurred on December 12, 2010. He had 210 yards that game and 91 were on that TD reception. In 10 career games against Dallas he has 36 receptions, 674 yards and 1 TD. Those aren't stellar stats. Just okay. Take out the big 210 yard game and he averages 51.6 yards per game.

    Jeremy Maclin had a 76 yard TD in the playoff game at the end of the 2009 season. And I think it was Jenkins in coverage.
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    Huh whut, his rookie year he averaged 200 yds a game. I could complete 70% in the nfl if I only had to look for 5 yard patterns
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    Yes it was Maclin.

    Those guys never seemed to be much of a problem.

    Now if they can only find a way to cover cooper.
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    Had a hard enough time dealing with Santana Moss, guy made his career against the Cowboys.
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    Exactly right. He was playing in a dumbed down paint by numbers offense. His completion percentage meant nothing.
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    OK , I'll tell the story. We had the eagles beat handily in that game until that happened.
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    You do realize Jack
    Completion percentage does not equate to being accurate. Did you see the offense they ran? So many check downs and quick passes. Any competent high school QB could make those passes. And it was a one read offense. It was the same when Colt McCoy was at Texas and completed an insane high completion percentage. Not because he was very accurate.

    Desean's main route is the go route. I don't believe RG3 is designed to get him the ball as McNabb and Vick did.
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    Plz. I hope the skins waste a ton of money on this guy. Desean will not put them over the hump. Building a team through high priced FA's doesn't work. It just doesn't. The teams that win consistently in this league are the ones who are frugal with their money and don't try to make big "splashes" in FA.
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    That White Sheet he wears covers him pretty well

    TOO SOON? :D
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    Who cares. Jasckson is a clown on a team of clowns. They deserve each other.
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    I agree but with the Skins they've had to take a bit of a different approach for two reasons. First is the amount of picks that they had to give up for RG3-13. That has seriously hamstrung them as far as adding talent to the roster. The second is the cap penalties imposed on both the Skins and the Cowboys. This is the final year of paying the piper, so to speak, as far as the draft picks are concerned. It is also the first year that they'll operate without the cap penalty implications. The bed is of their own making but they are adding blue chip talent, really, the ONLY way they can at this point. I hate the Skins as much as anyone but we would be doing the same thing in a similar situation. Now, I'm not saying that this is all going to "pan out" for them but it's really the only approach they have, right now.

    On another note, the Cowboys would be getting killed right now had they made the same deal for RG3-13. People can bag on Tony Romo all they want but that guy is twice the actual QB that Griffin is.
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    I am not worried about any WR on an opposing team
    We have Mo and Carr in the backfield
    Most cowboy fans are just salivating at the idea of pairing up those 2 with Johnson and Heath at safety
    After all they completely shut down Megatron last season
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    DeSean Jackson is a one-trick pony. Good defenses have no trouble with him at all.

    He can go deep, and nothing else. Doesn't go over the middle, easy to manhandle at the line of scrimmage, very easy to push off his route.

    He's a glorified punt returner. He rolls up huge numbers against bad teams - especially in Kelly's offense - but he doesn't make plays in important games as a receiver.

    Chip Kelly couldn't get him out fast enough. Released him for nothing. That's all you need to know.
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    I agree, Jackson does not scare me add to it he is a complete bone head. Washington got him good for them
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    Oh that tells the story? How bout all the other games we've played against him? Again, you're not telling the complete story.
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    Somebody already posted that stats that show Jackson has been pedestrian against us at best. Throughout his whole career. He is just fast that's it. Doesnt scare anybody.
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    He is the perfect Raider type signing, a thug with speed.
  20. Alexander

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    Raider fans are having a rally in D.C. Good lord, those people need lives.
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