If Desean Jackson signs with the Redskins on Monday Uh Oh

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by cej757, Mar 30, 2014.

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    I was being a complete smart *** in my post. Sorry I was not more clear with my intentions.
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    It's true he did have a lot of quick throws, but let's not forget he had one of the highest completion percentages in the entire NFL that year for down-field passes. In fact, that has ALWAYS been listed as one of his strengths even before entering the NFL, was his long ball accuracy. DeSean having a great go route is plays DIRECTLY into that strength for RG3.
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    Mo will shut him down
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    Ben. Bass.

    we could go on all day
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    Done deal.

    Andre Roberts

    TE Jordan Reed

    If it doesn't combust, that's one heck of a group.
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    True, we are set!
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    Happy to see plenty of knowledgeable fans in here.
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    ESPN: Jackson signing risky at best


    Forget for one minute all the recent questions about DeSean Jackson's life off the field, the most scandalous of which have yet to be substantiated. Let's also not spend much time debating the arrogance that led Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly to believe his offense didn't need its best wide receiver anymore. The most interesting aspect of Jackson's new three-year deal with the Washington Redskins has little to do with those things. Instead, it has everything to do with a franchise that has been largely dysfunctional ever since Daniel Snyder purchased it in 1999.

    Anybody who thinks Jackson's arrival in Washington is destined to be a roaring success is in need of a serious reality check. He's a highly emotional player with a history of losing his focus and driving coaches crazy with his mood swings. Jackson became a star in the NFL because his first head coach -- Andy Reid, now with the Kansas City Chiefs -- knew how to relate to one of the most explosive talents in the league today. Jackson also became expendable in Philadelphia, after his best statistical season, because Kelly doesn't have much interest in going out of his way to do the same
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    I think it is very telling that Reid apparently had no interest in bringing jackson to KC.
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