If Fasano stayed in school

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dirt, Apr 30, 2006.

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    A few thoughts kicking around in my head this morning digesting the Cowboys draft along with my eggs:
    1.If Fasano had returned to ND for his senior season, I would not have been surprised if he would have been the highest rated TE in 2007 draft. I dont know the 2007 class of TE's, but figure he would have had another year in Weis' offense playing with probably the number 1 pick next year in Quinn, and an extremely high powered offense. We probably got excellent value getting him this year.

    2. comparing him to the name guys, specifically Pope. Pope scares me just because he reminds me of David Lafleur--almost too big for the TE position. Pope has difficulty getting leverage blocking and presents such a huge hitting zone that he may be prone to injury. An interesting comment was that "the cardinals continued their tradition of selecting big names that are falling in the draft"

    3. We probably will have to endure the countless "should have taken Lawson" threads all next season every time Lawson gets a sack! They are 2 different players and when I was hearing that we were interested in him, a small nagging voice was always saying "why"---"we already got one" (dated reference from Monty Python's Holy Grail"--you know - the scene where the French on the castle wall are asked if they have seen the Holy Grail and they reply "we already got one"--aw never mind
    If any team needs to be criticized, it is the Detroit Lions (again)--for taking a midget LB instead of possibly trading down--Philly was hot to move up - and taking Lawson or Carpenter in the Philly slot--which would fit more with a Marinelli defense--ie Simeon Rice type

    4.Passing on a FS bugs me, but today that may be filled--in retrospect, no one took the players I was screaming for--Ko Simpson, Pat Watkins--and when the Steelers--whose drafting accumen I envy--took the kid from Syracuse--the comment was on NFL network was that he was not that proficient in coverage--esp man on man?? and they showed how he was getting beat on film

    5.the Philly draft really bothers me--they sat put and got everything they wanted--is there no Justice in this world!!--thats a joke son!
    But you do have to wonder why Justice fell--especially when teams that are pretty darn good at evaluating talent passed him.--I mean --NE had a need after losing chunks of their OL, for example

    6. the WR crop must really suck--2 guys rated by most at the 12-14 slots fell like rocks--maybe drafting a TE got us a more productive weapon with fewer questions than taking a flier on a WR with a lot of holes

    7. I was more than a little disturbed by our 3rd round pick--I keep forgetting his name!--BUT I trust Ireland and as Jimmy Johnson always said--in the latter rounds you look for that one exceptional quality that stands out in a player--All players after the first will have holes in their game--but if a guy can rack up a bunch of sacks and an enormous number of tackles for loss--there may be potential to mold him. Face it, it if this kid had played at a big name school and put up half the numbers, he would have been drafted in the second round with his measureables--compare him to Kiwianuka who played at a name school--he put up a bunch of sacks but one scout said he played the run like he was on roller skates!--drafted in the first round!
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    I believe we have a good draft going after reading the Zone...
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    lawson plays the same side as ware, which would mean moving ware to the strong side (adjusting) and then having lawson adjust to playing LB....carpenter is a natural strong side LB....and pretty good in rushing the passer....his measurables are as good as lawson....don't be fooled by the 4.4 speed...once he bulks up to 250 or so, he will slow a bit....carpenter is almost 260!!

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