If I was Garrett, I would resign as HC

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by CowboyChris, Jan 17, 2014.

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    If Garrett were to quit, he would not be hired because of leaving Jerry bin the lurch.

    That is an exhibit of inconsistent behavior and that would cost him a great deal of money when he tried to get hired by anyone else.
  2. Chris in Arizona

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    I would have all the respect in the world for Garrett if he was to resign, stating his hands are tied here, can't win under these circumstances, etc. BUT he was no stranger to how things are ran here. He knew what he had in store for him. He'll get the boot next year, end up an OC somewhere else, and maybe a lower level college HC in a few years, about where he belongs.
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    I don't see Garrett as the type who would up and quit, judging by the team's effort over the years. That's just me though.
  4. khiladi

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    Why? Only in Dallas can I suck so bad and have everybody else take the fall, while I get paid millions, all because Papa Garrett is homies with Jerry.
  5. khiladi

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    Because he failed at it....
  6. khiladi

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    Garrett's hands were NEVER tied, until Jerry was forced to make a decision. Garrett couldn't stop a blitz up the middle against the Skins to save his life. In fact, I don't even think he knew it kept coming. Two years in a row bottom of the league in play-action and two years in a row for career-high sacks for Romo is why Jason got his "hands tied"... The only person that can be blamed here is Jerry not canning this bum soon enough.
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  7. 17yearsandcounting

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    I would laugh all the way to the bank every week collecting my check and figuring out who to blame for the next disaster.
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  8. 17yearsandcounting

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    That double A gap blitz was Ginger Kryptonite for YEARS.
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    Still is cause of the same play-book. Third and long, blitz the Cowboys.. The end. Even when Kyle was playing, they just tossed it to Dez on third and long when they knew the blitz was coming and who while is phenomenal isn't a miracle worker. The play against the Skins or Green Bay, where Romo made that phenomenal spin was a blitz up the middle on a third and long. Romo, while great, can't perform miracles on a sustained basis either.
  10. Bwareinrings94

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    If you were him, you would resign? If you were good enough to be an NFL head coach, you would probably be in the top 1% of competitiveness in this country. You would not only not resign, the job would have to be pried from your cold dead hands. Competitiveness, huge salary, huge stage, getting paid to be a part of the greatest sport, and a boss doing everything in his power to give you the training and resources to help you be successful.
  11. xwalker

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    We can appoint you as the honorary Head Coach of the Cowboys. Then you can resign the board in protest.
  12. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

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    ...but then, a top tier coach would avoid Dallas to begin with.
  13. trueblue1687

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    Most HCs dont call their plays, but share a philosophy. Garrett hasnt had an offensive scheme Imputed to him...plus he was the play caller toward the end of the season, or so has been reported. More acurately, he has a QB who regularly checked out of the plays that WERE called. While I have no doubt JJ is an imposing figure - particularly when the paychecks bear his signature - its more likely just fan speculation as to whether Garrett was or was not on board with all the firings and hirings. I'm highly skeptical that he had a line of highly qualified coaches waiting to join him, and probably NOT due to his affiliation with Jerry Jones. My .02.
  14. Tawney88

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    Weird his reasons were spot on, unless you subscribe to the myth that Jerry isn't in control of everything. Garrett May be a bad coach but to be fair he hasn't been given an opportunity to succeed here because the team is strapped with a moron running everything. No coach can succeed here with Jerry this much in control.
  15. Tawney88

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    Jerry can be blamed for everything. He tied every coaches hands here accept Johnson. He is the problem in this organization if you can't see it you're blind. Everything else including Garrett are a symptom if just how awful Jerry Jones is.
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  16. CowboyChris

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    for those who disagreed with my reasoning. Answer me this,

    Do you think Garrett shouldve been stripped of play calling? (thats a slap in the face)
    Do you think it was Garrett who had Rob Ryan fired? (that was done so Jerry wouldnt have to fire Garrett)
    Do you think Garrett had Kiffin hired as his Defense coordinator? (Jerry and Lacewells fingerprints)
    Do you think Garrett had any input in trading up for Claibourne and or trading down for Frederick? (Jerry trying to outsmart everyone)
    Do you think Garrett and his coaches should be extended? (lame duck staff)

    I wouldnt take the rap for all that.......Im not saying Garrett is any smarter or even a great coach, but just goes to show what a circus Jerry is running at valley ranch, and next year Garrett will get fired Im almost sure of that, the majority of the blame will go on him and everyone will be happy that Jerry fired him, and Jerry comes out smelling like a rose yet once again. thats why i would resign if i were Garrett.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Yeah while some have good points. He has accepted the (spoken and unspoken)terms of his deal.
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  19. JackWagon

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    Do you really think Cowher and Gruden arent here because of money??? I think not.
  20. Risen Star

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    I agree.

    And I don't even know what shenagins are.
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