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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dantheman41, Aug 20, 2013.

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    Before I get blasted for this. I know this is completely unrealistic, and won't happen, but this is how I would design the roster if I were GM. I feel this gives them the best chances to win, but also continue to build for future.

    QB's (2)
    Tony Romo
    Alex Tanney

    Let's face it if Romo gets injured this team is done anyway, so why waste time with a Orton when he is going to be a goner next year anyway? That way we don't have to worry about risking to lose Tanney. And if for some reason Romo does get injured, at least we can see if Tanney is something.

    RB's (4)
    DeMarco Murray
    Lance Dunbar
    Phillip Tanner
    Joseph Randle

    WR's (6)
    Dez Bryant
    Miles Austin
    Terrance Williams
    Dwayne Harris
    Cole Beasley
    Anthony Armstrong

    Armstrong gives us another good special teams player, and a deep threat if needed.

    TE's (4)
    Jason Witten
    James Hanna
    Gavin Escobar
    Dante Rosario

    OL (10)
    Tyron Smith
    Ronald Leary
    Travis Frederick
    Veteran G (Somehow who can start at the right side. Whether this is through a trade, or picked up after roster cuts, or a experienced veteran like Waters)
    Doug Free
    Phil Costa
    David Arkin
    Jermey Parnell
    Kevin Kowalski
    Veteran tackle (Picked up after roster cuts. Upgrade from Bell)

    Obviously I think this team should cut ties with Bernadeau and Livings. Waste of time with Livings since he's old. Bernadeau just because he is awful. I'd rather see Arkin or Kowalski given a chance if needed.

    Demarcus Ware
    Anthony Spencer
    Jay Ratliff
    Jason Hatcher
    Kyle Wilber
    Nick Hayden
    Ben Bass
    George Selvie
    Landon Cohen

    Sean Lee
    Bruce Carter
    Justin Durant
    Ernie Sims
    DeVonte Holloman
    Brandon McGee

    Brandon Carr
    Morris Claiborne
    Orlando Scandrick
    Sterling Moore
    BW Webb

    Barry Church
    Will Allen
    JJ Wilcox
    Matt Johnson
    Jeff Heath

    Not a fan of keeping McCray. Yes I know he is a good special teams player, but is a complete liability on defense. Heath can be just as good at special teams, but he could also be a solid player on defense as well. In with the new, and out with the old. Let all these young guys battle at safety in practice. McCray is a goner next year anyway.

    Dan Bailey
    Chris Jones
    LP Ladoceur

    Practice Squad(8)
    Nick Stephens - Gives us 3 QB that know the offensive system if needed. Plus development possibilities.
    Kendial Lawrence - Can be given more chances next season. Young and raw, but lots of natural ability.
    Eric Rogers - Can be developed all season.
    Andre Smith - Gives us a young blocking tight end that can develop for next season or if needed during year.
    Caleb McSurdy - One more year to get completely healthy to battle next year.
    Taylor Reed - Another young linebacker that has looked good at times.
    Jakar Hamilton - Talented player that needs to develop a little more, and has potential.
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    Agree with most of this except Orton. Just because he had a couple bad preseason games doesn't mean he can't play. The guy has starter experience unlike Tanney and is arguably one of the best backup QB's in the NFL.
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    I like your roster except for the Cowboys will keep Orton. If Tanney plays well in the next two games Garrett may keep 3 quarterbacks. Personally, Tanney looks like someone I would leave on the 53. I still remember Matt Moore.

  4. udas

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    The Cowboys are pretty much on the hook for livings and bernadeau and if theyre cut it basically costs the team the same this year. At this point its not worth cutting them unless there is a player that is cut that would cost the Cowboys close to the vet minimum to upgrade. Frankly you dont usually see many chances to upgrade after cuts are made outside of an aging veteran who gets beat out by a younger player.
  5. udas

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    Also there is no way you can resonably keep Tanney over Orton. Orton is capable of winning some games with the talent around him, Tanney I wouldnt have faith in at this point.
  6. CowboyStar88

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    I like it but I can't get past Tanner and 4 RB's again. Also I think you need to find a spot for Hamilton I don't think he clears to make it to the ps also I would consider Frampton on the roster as well
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    Stopped reading after I saw tanney as the back up QB

    If livings is on this 53 its absolute nonsense.

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