If Jason Keeps His Word To Play Physical Next Year, we should see these draft picks..

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by romo_19_55, Feb 5, 2011.

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    ALL Cowboy fans are watching Jerrah and will HOLD him to his word that Jason G. will have FINAL say on roster players and coaches. And, Cowboys Fans (worldwide) are watching Jason Garrett and will HOLD him to his word of playing PHYSICAL tough football. This should translate into DRAFT CHOICES that are BIG, PHYSICAL, NASTY, and ATHLETIC. Regarding our current TEAM roster, this means that smallish, undersized, underweight players should be either traded, cut, or put on the practice squad as emergency backups for the season. Depth positions should fit his same MOLD and come from late round draft picks/UDFA signings or Free Agent signings.

    On OFFENSE this change of philosophy (i.e. tough & physical play) applies to RB Marion Barber (worn-down from his very physical play), RB T. Choice (smallish; good backup), RT Marc Colombo (aged; backup), and LG Kosier (aged; backup). We should ALSO draft a strong-arm, athletic, QB to start developing behind Stephen McGee. Besides these positions, we should aso look for BIG, PHYSICAL, and ATHLETIC RBs and FBs in this year's draft (much like what Green Bay and Pittsburgh and other playoff teams have on their rosters).

    On DEFENSE this change of philosophy (i.e. tough & physical play) applies to FS Alan Ball (smallish, weak tackler, slower than expected), ILB Bradie James (aged; reduce his snaps; backup), ILB Keith Brookings (aged; lost some quickness), and DE Igor Olshansky (very slow; good backup & goal-line). Moving Ratliff to DE (next to Ware) makes sense if a mammoth NT is drafted and rotates with Josh-Brent. Other needs include a big/fast CB (Patrick Peterson or Jimmy Smith or Aaron Williams or Curtis Brown) but which player depends on how draft plays out.

    2011 Mock Draft (if Patrick Peterson or Quinn or Von Miller doesn't drop to where Jerrah can draft them, trade down occurs for extra 3rd Rd pick:

    Rd 1: Gabe Carimi OT/OG or Derek Sherrod OT/OG
    Rd 2: Jimmy Smith CB or Aaron Williams CB
    Rd 3: Kenrick Ellis NT or Jerrell Powe NT
    Rd 3: Tim Barnes C or Jake Kirkpatrick C
    Rd 4: Robert Sands FS (6'4" 221lbs) or Deunta Williams FS
    Rd 5: Henry Hynoski (6'0" 260 lbs) FB or Charles Clay FB (6'3" 239lbs)
    Rd 6: Da'Rel Scott RB (4.34 40yd/5'11" 205lbs) or Allen Bradford RB (5'11" 235lbs)
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    Bradie James.. a backup?

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    Sarcasm or hyperbole? I can't tell...
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    That's not a bad draft though, although i don't think Duenta falls to the 4th or anywhere near it.

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