If Matt Lienart Doesn't come out he is a fool

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cajuncowboy, Jan 5, 2005.

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    The talk during the game last night was that he would be coming back to USC. After last nights performance he would be the biggest fool in the world to stay in school. (From a monetary perspective). He will never be as hot as he is now and he would easily be the top pick. The Niners need a QB and the guy loves California. It seems perfect for him. Plus, who knows what could happen next year. Injury, poor performance, whatever. But to stay in school is insane.
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    I was thinking that I saw something the last few days that said Carol or the school was actually saying something along the lines that he should declare for the draft because of his stock being so high...it only went higher after that game IMO.

    Problem he would have to look at is seeing how many top QBs teams may look at this year and possibly next year. See if teams rate a couple of other QBs coming out this year better.

    But like You...I think he should come out this year...that would make just another player the cowboys could take fall their way lol.
  3. Cajuncowboy

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    Absolutly correct. After all, it is all about the the Cowboys, Right? :D
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    I know he has to look at where all the QB's will most likely go and who is drafting where but WOW to think about all the MONEY that would be thrown his way in this draft. I would find it very hard to pass up Millions like that. Who knows maybe i am just a greedy pig.
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    I think he'll come out . . .

    Two back to back NCAA Championships . . . a chance to play for the 49'ers . . .

    It seems too logical for him to pass that up.
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    It bothers me when some fans call a player who decides to finish school over early entry into the draft a "fool."

    However, I agree with BP that Leinhart's stock can't get any higher. He already has two National Championship rings and if he comes out, he will likely be drafted by a team that has a winning tradition (the 49ers and the Dolphins). Not to mention the contract he commands as the first QB taken will be out of this world.

    He'll come out. Besides, I read somewhere where he has already consulted with Leigh Steinberg (spelling) about representing him.

    I wasn't too high on his this year, but I was thoroughly impressed with him last night as I was thoroughly disgusted with the pitiful performance and lack of heart shown by the Sooners.
  7. jacs

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    but he has the chance to win 3 straight championships

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