If Murray was healthy, what would our record currently be?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Verdict, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. Verdict

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    I personally think the loss of Murray has been devastating to this team. If Murray was healthy, I personally think that we win at least 2 of the games we lost. That is the bright side of all this.
  2. jayhouston12

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    the same
  3. StevenOtero

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    What if? What if? What if?

  4. Ren

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    Don't think it makes much difference, we can't block
  5. DFWJC

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    Every teams has injuries.
    But seeing that you asked....
    4-4 at worst and 6-2 at best.
  6. CaptainMorgan

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    At some point we need to have dependable durable players at key positions. Murray appears to be made of glass.
  7. 28 Joker

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    Coach Garrett, is that you?

    You know Jason Garrett is feeling the heat when he openly uses not having DeMarco Murray as an excuse for Dallas' under-achieving, poorly coached football team, especially on offense. It took Garrett a while to play that card openly himself, but he played it today. Garrett can make excuses for his abysmal coaching in order to protect his power, but he can't run from his mediocre 16-16 record or his current 3-5 record or his 4-9 record over his last 13 games (3 losses to the Giants) or his inability to demonstrate a basic understanding of fundamental, situational football or his erratic play calling or his inability to manage the clock or his overall erratic game management or his overall erratic, inconsistent, suspect coaching. The Cowboys have been a sloppy, erratic football team this season and mediocre under his tenure.

    Here is another fact that Jason Garrett can't run from:

    Jason Garrett is 11-13 with Tony Romo over his last 24 games. If you go back to 2010 when Garrett had total control of the offense, Garrett is 12-18 with Tony Romo at quarterback. Garrett was 1-5 with Romo starting in 2010. "You should be able to win with him" (Tony Romo). Bill Parcells Yet, Garrett went 5-3 (as head coach) with Jon Kitna in 2010. Garrett did more with much less during his 5-3 interim run. Yet, Garrett publicly blames his team's severe under-achievement and poor play on not having DeMarco Murray. Did Murray play against Seattle or Tampa Bay or Chicago or Baltimore? Dallas lost 3 of those games and was really lucky to beat Tampa Bay. Felix Jones came into the Baltimore game with 3 carries, and he hung an 18-92-1 on them. That was Dallas' best rushing game of the entire year. Murray had a big game, too. However, Jason Garrett's team couldn't handle a fundamental football situation at the end of the game and blew a golden opportunity to shorten that FG.

    Jason Garrett is staring 3-6 straight in the face, because he is an incompetent head coach, imo. If he thinks this heat is hot, just wait until Andy Reid beats him, again.

    Lance Dunbar got his 8-26 (3.2) like Callahan openly wanted to see, I guess. Is "everyone" happy? Rowan Kavner, how did you like it? Is Callahan angling for this job? Where is he when Jason Garrett is having meltdowns with situational football (game management), time management, and play calling? I thought he was supposed to hold the Ivy League head coach's hand (when it came to these "matters").

    I know some in the fan base and most in the DFW media despise Felix Jones. However, I'm not letting Garrett get by with this while others look away. Not running Felix Jones nearly enough (9-39; 4.3) / 14-109) is beyond stupid. Felix looked good against Atlanta, and he could have carried the football at least 14-18 times in that game. Jones wants the football; he is playing. Jones is tough and mentally tough. Are these idiots trying to get fired, because they are doing a good job. I hope they enjoyed the Falcons continuing to feed Micheal Turner in that game.

    Callahan wants the rushing attempts high. However, Jason Garrett (a former quarterback) doesn't have the consistent mentality to stick with the run, so the attempts can pay off (especially in the 2nd half). Plus, it's time of possession as Callahan has referenced. Those two guys should be clashing, because they have two inconsistent philosophies when it comes to running the football. Running the football only 18 times against a very suspect Atlanta defense is embarrassing. Running Dunbar 8 times should be double embarrassing for Callahan and Garrett, too. Hey, Bill and Jason... Have you ever seen Felix Jones run a counter? How about "Bend"? For crying out loud, you are running stretch plays.

    Hey, Jason and Bill. Did you see Dunbar bounce it outside when your guys had the draw blocked perfectly inside? Did you guys enjoy watching that drive die? Did you enjoy Tanner getting stuffed yet again in short-yardage/goal-line situations?

    Jason Garrett can slither like a snake, but the fans shouldn't let him off the hook.
  8. BanditHiro

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    1 more win probably, against the ravens.
  9. Ender

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    Felix is horrible...
  10. Ren

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    Be honest, does any one read 28 Jokers Felix drivel any more?
  11. BLEU3ASY

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    Yeah when he went down last season, that pretty much sealed our fate.. We really need him. The dude is so hard to bring down it's crazy!!
  12. hutch1254

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    I'd say the same, maybe one more win. With the exception of a few RBs (Sanders, Payton), Parcells said it best...

    All the backs in the history of this game are the same when there isn't any hole to run through."

    Murray CREATES his own hole/yardage better than Felix. However, due to our interior Oline issues and Free regressing even then it may be only good for one more win on this season at the moment.

  13. Risen Star

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    Hey, lets pretend DeMarco Murray, he of the 3 career touchdowns, is a difference maker and we don't just lack talent up front.
  14. DMAC

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    Felix is averaging 5.17 yards per touch this year.

    Murray is averaging 4.86 yards per touch this year.

    So if Felix is "horrible", then I guess Murray is even worse?
  15. Frozen700

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  16. CyberB0b

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    About the same. Losing a running back for a few games shouldn't kill your entire season and your offensive production. The Patriots went 11-5 a few years ago when they lost TOM BRADY.
  17. BLEU3ASY

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    You guys always look at things from a negative perspective.. my dog knows the o-line is weak. Romo makes the o-line look better than it really is, why can't that be the case for Murray? Murray IS a difference maker, him not being in there makes the team one dimensional. He's so hard to tackle... With the current RB's not named Murray teams don't have to drop 8 in the box, with Murray in the game he opens up the ability to play action more. That is making difference.
  18. goshan

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    1 win at most, probably none.
  19. nalam

    nalam The realist

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    Got to agree.

    When we cant pick up the 3rd and 1 s and cant punch it in from 1 yard line at the end zone , we can't block .

    I heard from Brad sham in Radio , Livings is playing with a gimpy knee in the last 2 games , that shows how much confidence coaching staff has in Dockery . Yet, Jerry says Dockery is a good player , Sigh !:rolleyes:
  20. Wayne02

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    Every team has significant injuries every week. The loss of Murray is not an excuse, and the team is right where they deserve to be for their poor play thus far 3-5.

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