If the cards fall right..

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cowboy Brian, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Cowboy Brian

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    I wouldn't be against going QB in the 1st round. You seem to have 3 blue chip QB's, and with the season halfway over it doesn't seem like one will lose that status. You have;

    Andrew Luck

    Landry Jones

    Matt Barkley

    My opinion is that Landry Jones should go back to OK for his sr year. Reasons are in this article- http://www.rantsports.com/mock-draft/2011/09/18/landry-jones-scouting-report/

    If the cards fall right, I would love to land Matt Barkley. I think he may be the better QB longterm, not Luck. Barkley will need a few years to get into his prime when he gets into the league, but once he does he will be set. As said by this excerpt:

    What I am saying if the cards are right, if we are sitting there at #14-#17 and Barkley is still on the board come #6, #7 we suck it up and trade our 1st 2nd and next years 2nd to go up and get him.
  2. Ren

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    Other then Luck i'd take Robert Griffin over any QB in this draft

    We really do need to start looking for a successor to Romo, i know the cult of Romo will take that as hate but you can't expect him to be around 4-5 years from now. It would be nice to have someone ready to step inn when he retires so we don't have to go trough the likes of Quincy Carter again
  3. Chris in Arizona

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    Doubt there is a bigger USC fan here than me and I wouldn't be too thrilled about that move. Barkley has all world talent but needs to shore up his fundamentals (throws off back foot, relies on his arm too much) and show he can play 4 solid quarters. He has had some disastrous 4th quarters.

    Andrew Luck is the best college QB prospect I have ever seen. I hate saying that, but it's the truth. He is a future Hall of Famer.

    If we are dead set on drafting a QB this year I'd hope for Nick Foles if he lasts until the 2nd round. He has Troy Aikman-type accuracy.
  4. UnoDallas

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    just say no RGIII

    no to QB"s this year
  5. ajk23az

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    I would hate if a U of A player became the Cowboys QB. :puke:
  6. kevinhickey

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    We are not going to draft a QB in the first round unless we pick in the top 5. Romo is far from done. We need to draft the replacements for Newman and James. I would love for us to select either Kirkland or Clairbourn. I also wouldn't mind selecting Burfick.
  7. Manwiththeplan

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    FWIW, I think we definately would've taken Andy Dalton, if he lasted a few more picks, so I wouldn't be suprised if we went QB in round 1, even though I wouldn't.
  8. joseephuss

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    First thing, the season is not halfway over. Lots of college football left to play.

    No, I would not make that move. There is no reason to take a QB in the 1st round and certainly no reason to trade up and grab one. I think Dallas will take a QB at some point in this next draft. There will be a few available to choose from in every round of this next draft in my opinion. There will be some good prospects outside of the 1st round.

    Why do you think Barkley will be better than Luck? I don't see it. I think Barkley can be good, but he isn't worth trading up to get. He isn't going to be that good. And when you are talking about grabbing a guy and then sitting him behind Romo to learn for a few years, there isn't any reason to throw several draft picks away to draft him. You use that many draft picks to grab a QB, then you better play him sooner rather than later.
  9. realtick

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    Other than Andrew Luck, there's not a QB I would want the Cowboys to take in the 1st round of next year's draft.
  10. casmith07

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    I would take Russell Wilson from Wisconsin in a heartbeat. Athletic, pocket passer in a pro style offense with an offensive coordinator who's close to Jason Garrett.
  11. Risen Star

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    Trading three high picks to get the QB doesn't exactly fit my description of the cards falling right.

    Sounds more like we're forcing the hand.

    I would rarely ever turn down a franchise QB if one fell into our lap.
  12. Cowboys22

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    I agree, the only way I would consider the cards being right is if one of these guys falls to us like Rodgers did to Green Bay.
  13. silverbear

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    I guess I could see the Boys using an early pick on a QB, if they did I'd sure like it if they figured out a way to get Tannehill or Griffin...

    Either one would suit me just fine, I think...
  14. cbow44

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    I dont want to spend a #1 pick on a QB. But if Robert Griffen is there would sure have to think long and hard.
  15. UnoDallas

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    at 5-11

  16. RS12

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    I have watched Barkley alot and think he is way over rated. Dont see him as franchise QB.
  17. UnoDallas

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    I really don't think we take a QB this year

    gawd I am sick of hereing Griffens name already

    and to draft another Aggie Com on man

    I bring Chandler Harnish from nothern Ill and let him sit on the practice squad for a year or so

    I think we got bigger needs than a bad QB

    Enters his senior season as one of the most prolific offensive players in NIU history, compiling 7,332 career yards of total offense and 53 touchdowns to rank first and third all-time, respectively. He is third at NIU all-time in total plays with 1,070 while his 6.85 yards per play is No. 1 on the career lists. His 5,728 career passing yards and 40 passing touchdowns both rank fourth in NIU history and he is also fourth with 726 pass attempts. His 450 completions rank third at NIU all-time. Has rushed for 1,604 yards in three seasons, to rank 22nd on the NIU career list. Owns five career 100-yard rushing and three-career 300-yard pass days. Has been the Huskies' starting quarterback for 31 of the 33 games he has played over the last three seasons and has an all-time record of 17-14 as a starter.

    In the first two games of the season — a 49-26 win over Army and a 45-42 loss to Kansas — Harnish has averaged 339.5 yards of total offense, which ranks him 10th nationally.

    With a degree in business management, Harnish is seeking his MBA. His primary strength, according to first-year coach Dave Doeren, is a faith cultivated through a serious knee injury he suffered in 2009.

    someone as Smart as R Griffen

    Has anybody stopped to consider the absurdity of the numbers Harnish has put up in his first two starts?

    North Dakota:
    146 yards passing
    168 yards rushing
    314 total yards

    208 yards passing
    117 yards rushing
    325 total yards

    He has 639 total yards in two games. He also has a 66% completion percentage, and is averaging 9 YPC.

    He leads the team in rushing, is second in the MAC in rushing (only behind Pierce) and is 29th in the country in rushing, and that includes the first game that he didn't play. He also has the 5th most rushing yards of any QB in the country, and again, he didn't play in the first game.

    Chandler Harnish tosses 5 TD passes in NIU's rout of Army

    Chandler Harnish, NIU dismantle Cal Poly, 47-30

  18. Cowboy Brian

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    Next years draft is looking very very strong in QB. This year had 5? Qb's in the first round, while most of them were teams panicking and forcing it. Only two really deserved to be drafted in the 1st.
  19. cbow44

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  20. Doomsday101

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    If was looking for a QB outside of Luck in the 1st round I would have to say Landry Jones.

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