If the Cowboys win the next two games, the excitement will reach 2007 levels

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. Zordon

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    If they beat the lions and saints going into the bye week, the excitement around this team and this franchise going into November will reach that 2007 level. Those of you from DFW know what I mean when I say 2007 level. There was lots of attention on the team that year b/c everyone felt something special was occuring. Since then I feel like we've been under the radar the last few years in the Texas sports scene with the Rangers being good, the Texans being good, and our fanbase being somewhat demoralized by the ending of the last few seasons. After the game, I went to the grocery store and there were no less than two dozen people wearing Cowboys gear...this is in Austin where Texans fans have been creeping up the last few seasons. Now the cockroaches are M.I.A.

    I know we're supposed to take the games one game at a time, but I really hope this team finds a way to win the next two. The fanbase needs to get its groove back, we need our confidence back, we need to see sustained success so we can pick our chins up as fans like we used to be in the 90s. When the Cowboys are good the sports discussion around the state is different. I know everyone on CZ is all in but overall I think the fanbase is still in doubt and hesitant to believe. Keep it up Boys, give us a reason to believe again, we are on the verge of something special.
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  2. Zman5

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    I would like the fact that we won few games but I won't be excited.

    Do you remember 2011 season? We were 7-4 and then we lost 4 out of next 5 games to go 8-8 and miss the playoffs.
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  3. Idgit

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    Got the Vikes in between those two.

    I think we're likely going to lose this week, and then that will set everybody off again. But back:back road victories against two decent teams are hard to do in this league. If we were to run it up to 7-3 before the bye, though, somehow, you're right: people will be going nuts.
  4. roughneck266

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    lol You need to come out here on my rig. I got an email from a Texans fan a month ago with a demotivational poster in it about the Cowboys only reaching the SB on Madden. Funny, though, that's the last email I got from him. Texans fans are still in the minority here though. Loads more Saints fans here. They are beyond obnxious...
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  5. Zordon

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    damn how did i forget the vikings.
  6. kramskoi

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    Some deja vu would be so nice. December 9, 2007

    2:15110DAL 17Tony Romo pass complete short left to Marion Barber for 6 yards (tackle by Keith Smith)2127-0.060.35
    2:0024DAL 23Tony Romo pass incomplete short left intended for Sam Hurd21270.35-0.49
    1:5634DAL 23Tony Romo pass complete short right to Jason Witten for 13 yards (tackle by Greg Blue)2127-0.491.33
    1:36110DAL 36Tony Romo pass complete short right to Jason Witten for 4 yards (tackle by Dovonte Edwards)21271.331.33
    1:3126DAL 40Tony Romo pass incomplete short right intended for Terrell Owens21271.330.63
    1:2836DAL 40Tony Romo sacked by Jared DeVries for 0 yards. Tony Romo fumbles (forced by Jared DeVries), recovered by Kyle Kosier at DAL-4021270.63-0.72
    0:5746DAL 40Tony Romo pass complete short left to Marion Barber for 13 yards (tackle by Keith Smith)2127-0.722.46
    0:45110DET 47Tony Romo spiked the ball. Penalty on DET: Defensive 12 On-field, 5 yards (no play)21272.463.19
    0:4315DET 42Tony Romo pass complete short right to Jason Witten for 6 yards (tackle by Dovonte Edwards)21273.193.18
    0:34110DET 36Tony Romo pass complete deep right to Sam Hurd for 16 yards (tackle by Dovonte Edwards)21273.184.24
    0:26110DET 20Tony Romo pass complete short right to Marion Barber for 4 yards (tackle by Dovonte Edwards)21274.244.28
    0:2226DET 16Tony Romo pass complete deep middle to Jason Witten for 16 yards, touchdown27274.287
    4Nick Folk kicks extra point good282700
    End of Regulation .......Dallas 28 - Detroit 27
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  7. FuzzyLumpkins

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    We won 7 games in a row that year. I don't see the situation remotely the same and I think we have far more people running around whose primary desire is to keep people's hopes down.
  8. 03EBZ06

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    I never understood why some fans scoff at those fans who look to the future and have discussions about it. The team should take one game at a time but what the fans think about future games has absolutely no bearing on the games so why not have discussions about the games beyond next opponent.
  9. Pabst

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    Even the Vikings forget about the Vikings.
  10. Fredd

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    the Vikings forgot to show up last night....
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  11. Crown Royal

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    We were also 2-4 in the division, that alone damned the team. I don't see the same issues on this team that I saw in 2011 though. Not saying it will finish with a better record, just that I think we are a better coached team 2 years later.
  12. Section444

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    If we're 7-3 going into the bye, you're going to start hearing a lot of SB talk from the media.
  13. Denim Chicken

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    Of course it would be nice to win the next two, but I like flying under the radar. Not a fan when the hype machine is engaged.
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  14. nake

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    Speaking of the future, is it just me, or have we been in a situation for years in which the more time the Boys have to prepare, the less prepared they are when they finally get on the field and play? In any case, my annual fear of the game after the bye week is gone. We have better coaching and hungrier players.

    I do think we can beat the Lions in Detroit and the Vikings at home, but I do kind of wish it was the other way around and we would get the Lions at home.
  15. ykc

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    We will not win against the Saints. Sean Payton is master of using backs and TE and which is our main weakness on our defense.
    if we go 2-1 before the bye and sit at 6-4, I am happy
  16. Zimmy Lives

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    That's because you get a 10% discount on your groceries if you wear a Cowboys jersey on game day. :D
  17. landroverking

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    One game at a time. But I will be happy with two out of three.
  18. cowboys1981

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    What I love his how they're preparing for teams with making adjustments along the way. I love how they had two scout teams running play after play to help them with the Philly pace. What I love more is how MK has decided to use this defense based on player skill set. The switch to man to man is paying off. What team out there has 3 good CB's? I say all of this because this season is different from any other. We've cut a star player, we continue to add pieces and not settle for anything. This team has a lot of fight. In the end the will of this team will write a chapter of it's own in the history of this franchise. For the first time in a long time we are emphasizing all three areas of the game with roster transactions.
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  19. newlander

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    sure do......bottom line is they are under dogs the next 2 weeks: and should be. OUr Dline is decimated....this is an 8-8 team at best as presently constructed. DARN shame Ware, SPencer and Ratquit are out: if 100% healthy this would be a 11-12 win team
  20. ufcrules1

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    lol.. yup. The Lions game is winnable IMO and you know we are going to beat the Vikes. If our team has a 4 game win streak heading into the Saints game.. then look out. It could really boost everyone's confidence on the team and they could play some lights out ball. Still a long ways out.. don't want to get ahead of myself. The Lions game is going to be a tough one.. it will be against a team that actually has a defense and is capable of scoring.
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