If the Cowboys win the next two games, the excitement will reach 2007 levels

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. StarBoyz83

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    Cowboys need to beat the lions and vikings. Saints will be tough and i have my doubts that we win that game. 6-4 into the bye and we'll be sitting ok but a lot of tough games after that. Need the eagles to fall apart also.
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  2. BigD5

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    If we can get by Detroit then beat Minnesota like we should that would give us a 4 game winning streak. With 2 of those wins being on the road against two decent teams with explosive offenses.

    It's amazing what a little confidence can do for a team. Would love to have that going for us going into the saints game.

    I want to beat New Orleans bad. Sick of hearing about how great they are with Rob Ryan
  3. Zordon

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    i'm sure rob ryan has already started game planning for us.
  4. Risen Star

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    Same here. I'd feel better about the team but I wouldn't be going crazy thinking they are a serious contender.

    I'd feel fortunate we play in the worst division in the league more than anything.
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  5. iceman117

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    I'd be happy with 6-4 heading into the bye, I'd be overwhelmed if we were 7-3 with wins over the Lions and Saints on the road.... if we were 5-5 or 4-5 I'd just be like I have been the last 15 years....pissed off
  6. Zman5

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    It's crazy how many injuries we had on the defensive side past 2 years. I'm hoping we get the injuries out of the way now and hope that we are healthy for Dec/Jan run.

    Key is to make sure Romo and Dez are healthy during that time. One big reason we didn't do better in 2007 was T.O. got hurt late in the season and wasn't the same when playing against the Giants in the playoffs.
  7. tecolote

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    We will be underdogs at home against the Vikings? And this is not an 8-8 team "at best", I think right now 8-8 is a worst case scenario, we get the Vikings, Raiders and Eagles at home, that should get us to 7 wins.

    This is a better team than last year, last year we never led for a whole game, this year we haven't trailed at any point in any division game. This team is showing signs of improvement. Here's hoping.
  8. KJJ

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    The Cowboys have left me far too disappointed to start trusting them in November a month they've dominated since Romo took over at QB in 06. No matter how the Cowboys play the next few weeks it's how they perform down the stretch that will make or break this season. The Cowboys have had issues finishing strong the last time they did led to the NFC East title and their first playoff win in 13 years. The season always comes down to how the Cowboys perform in Dec.
  9. Boyzmamacita

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    If they don't perform well in this stretch, December won't matter.

    And to those who go crazy over the Lions defense, Detroit has given up a lot of points.
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  10. KJJ

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    They would have perform very poorly for Dec not to matter with as weak as the NFC East is. Once the Cowboys get past the Saints they have several winnable games and have a real opportunity to finish the season strong with Washington and Philly to close out the season. 4 of the last 5 seasons have come down to the final game with a lot riding on it. In 08 the season finale was an elimination between Dallas and Philly for the final wildcard spot.

    In 09 the NFC East was on the line in week 17 with the loser having to go on the road as the wildcard. In 2011 week 17 came down to an elimination game between the Cowboys and Giants and last season week 17 came down to yet another elimination game for the Cowboys vs Washington. Other than the 2010 season the Cowboys are always in the thick of it entering Dec that's been the make or break month.
  11. KJJ

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    Don't know why anyone would go crazy over the Lions defense it ranks 31st. As for points they haven't really given up a large number of points only one team scored more than 30 on them.
  12. perrykemp

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    I still recall the 2007 Cowboys - Packers game. 10-1 vs 10 -1. It had an incredible amount of hoopla for a regular season game -- almost felt like a NFC championship game.

    Cowboys knocked Favre out and where killing the Packers. Everyone got their first glimpse of the Packer's little used backup named Aaron Rodgers -- he almost brought them back.

    I also remember Terrell Owens owning Al Harris is a serious way during that game.
  13. KJJ

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    Suh and Fairley have to be contended with but their defense as a whole hasn't been very good.
  14. KJJ

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    The Cowboys became complacent after that game and began planning their trips to Cabo in January with the blessing of coach candy butts. That was the last good game the Cowboys played that season it was down hill from there. What started off looking like a great year ended up as one of the most disappointing seasons in franchise history.
  15. Staubacher

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    Same way the entire NFL has
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  16. Staubacher

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    You're just dying to go Full Stan :)

    I'll take a road split w Lions/Saints and gotta take care of biz at home vs Minny.

    That gets us 6-4 at the bye and the rest of the season thereafter really hinges on those 3 division games.
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  17. CowboyMcCoy

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    I'm really confident in this team. If they can play to their talent level in spite of Jason Garrett, I think we can make some noise in the playoffs. People keep saying we'll get owned by New Orleans or Seattle. I say that's hogwash and that we have a chance. I like the way this team is being ran. I like the way we're cutting our losses quickly and moving on to players, churning the roster. But even more, I like our current core of young players mixed with a few veterans sprinkled throughout. It gives me hope for the future of this team.

    We could use another DL, but teams just don't get much better than this in terms of talent. It's time to rise to the occasion.
  18. DanteEXT

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    If that happens all they have to do is hold down the home games and they'll have 9 wins, should be enough to win the east if you believe the analysts and such. Not an easy task at all though.
  19. GimmeTheBall!

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    I am already excited. Watching Romo to Dez and our Last Man Standing defense is exciting.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Yeah that was some bull.... Er, I mean, crap!

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