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    We'd be picking 18th. I'll use this pick for each round, minus the 7 we used for Cook. I won't pick any players slotted to go sooner than when the Cowboys pick, and I'm using the CBS Sports Prospect Rankings. I'll be including brief CBS Sports commentary and my comments below.

    1 (18) - Alex Okafor | DE/OLB | Texas | 6'5" 265lb - His most impressive attribute is his power. Okafor can knock opponents onto their heels on his way to the quarterback and also sets the edge nicely as a run defender. Okafor's ability to make plays against the run and pass makes him arguably the most well-rounded senior defensive end in the country.

    Could vie for a starting spot as soon as next year. All around good defender vs run and pass. Very powerful.

    2 (50) - T.J. McDonald | FS | Southern California |
    6'2" 205lb - He certainly boasts the combination of size, speed, overall athleticism, hitting ability and ball skills that every NFL team is looking for. Because of his imposing frame and hitting ability, McDonald has often been compared to the highly touted safety he replaced at USC: Taylor Mays. While McDonald is not the elite straight-line speed athlete that Mays is, nor is he as stiff in coverage, which is among the reasons why he'll ultimately earn a higher pick in the NFL draft than his former teammate.

    I am leery of USC Safeties, but he is by far the BPA that fits a need and is a steal here. Has the ability to be a real center-fielder or drop down into the box and lay some wood.

    3 (82) - Khaled Holmes | C | Southern California | 6'3" 305lb - Holmes projects nicely at any of the three interior positions in the NFL. He's quick off the snap, demonstrating the burst and agility to handle combo blocking, though he can be beaten to the point when asked to pull. He is powerful at the point of attack, showing good upper and lower body strength to get push in short yardage situations, making him an ideal candidate for a power-based scheme.

    Oh boy, finally, a possible REAL Center. This guy is very good and would be a steal in the 3rd round.

    4 (114) - Stedman Bailey | WR | West Virginia | 5'10" 195lb -Bailey, a true junior, isn't quite as agile as his more hyped teammate Tavon Austin, and he lacks the explosive first step that has helped Austin be such a dynamic returner throughout his career. Bailey, however, has a similar "stocky" frame and is a more accomplished route-runner making many of his biggest plays on verticals and deep crossing patterns that will more easily translate into an NFL offense. Has caught 16 touchdowns this year, and had 12 last year. A good underneath option to play the slot. Clean, crisp routes and good hands.

    5 (146)- Joseph Fauria | TE | UCLA |
    6'7" 255lb - Fauria's value lies in his ability as a mismatch in the passing game. While not a speed threat in the Jimmy Graham mold, Fauria shows impressive flexibility and agility as a route-runner, soft hands to make tough catches and the combination of strength, fluidity and leaping ability to be a "Bruin" after the catch.

    Somewhat of a project TE. Has not made many starts in his career, but his size and athleticism are worth taking a shot on. Could develop into a real threat in the passing game and a serious red zone mismatch.

    6 (178) - James Hurst | OT | North Carolina | 6'6" 310lb - Hurst has the size and natural athleticism to hold his own on an island, but needs to continue and develop his footwork and technique, using proper angles.

    Could fly up draft boards as tackles are taken. Provides depth and competition for both Doug Free and Jeremy Parnell.


    I know I went a little defense heavy in the top part of the draft, but BPA is BPA and there could be real needs there next year. The rest of the draft is dedicated to offense, where we lack depth and playmaking ability.
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    Would not mind this draft at all. I don't think Okafor will be the 10+ sack guy everyone here wants but I think he could start early because he plays the run great. Pretty impressive that he played DT as a sophomore. Not the biggest fan of Holmes but the rest looks really good.
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    Dont like picks one and two. Gimme Damontre Moore and Matt Elam.
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    I agree not sold on the original two guys in this mock at round one and two.

    RD one. Would love Hankins DT from Ohio St but realize this not happening in the teens. Maybe Bjoern Werner he seems to be floating a bit he is DE from Florida St and this probably is a reach. Okafor at 18 might be very realistic

    RD two. Chris Faulk from LSU(built more like Erik Williams than Tyron Smith) would of been the #1 lineman but for injury to knee in the first or second game. this formula for injured players in the second might keep working. An alternative is Jeffcoat from Texas

    I do like Matt Elam, not sure how good Damontre Moore is as everytime I watch the Aggies I get hypnotized by Johnny Football.

    I am not convinced we stay at 18 if my feet were put to the fire I would say we might be picking earlier.
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    1 (18) - Alex Okafor | DE/OLB | Texas | 6'5" 265lb
    I’m not a fan of Okafor as an OLB. His 1st step and quickness is not impressive to me.

    2 (50) - T.J. McDonald | FS | Southern California | 6'2" 205lb
    The following players are still available on the CBS board:
    Shawn Williams
    Kenny Vaccaro
    Tony Jefferson
    Sylvester Williams

    3 (82) - Khaled Holmes | C | Southern California | 6'3" 305lb
    I would love this pick even at #50.

    4 (114) - Stedman Bailey | WR | West Virginia | 5'10" 195lb
    Stedman Bailey is a good player. He finds ways to get open despite his limited size/speed; however, I would have to consider some of the following over him:
    Kenjon Barner
    Shawn Williams
    Rick Wagner
    Alvin Bailey
    Margus Hunt

    5 (146)- Joseph Fauria | TE | UCLA | 6'7" 255lb
    Interesting player. Although he is a very awkward looking player, he does appear to have some upside as a receiver. He is not a very good inline blocker and based on his build, I have doubts that he can get much better in this area. I think Garrett would really like to get a TE that is a better blocker than John Phillips.

    6 (178) - James Hurst | OT | North Carolina | 6'6" 310lb
    Good pick here.
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    Hankins is currently the #2 overall talent on the Prospect Rankings and Bjoern Werner is #8, so we're far away from having a shot at either of them for this mock draft. I would love to get either one though. Just wouldn't work here.

    Chris Faulk is currently projected as returning to school to reaffirm his 1st round draft grade, so that wouldn't work either.
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    Damontre Moore is rated as #10, and Matt Elam is #34, so we wouldn't have a shot at either, for the purposes of this mock draft. Trust me, both are huge talents and would be great pickups, just not here.
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    Thanks for following me every week and telling me what you think; it helps me form opinions on certain players and it brings a different perspective. Much appreciated. :)
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    I'd take that draft & run, Stedman Bailey is the second coming of Steve Smith.
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    I don't think Okafor is going in the Top-20...he might make late 1st round
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    Good to hear. I enjoy your mocks.

    It's great that the Draft Zone is separate from the Fan Zone. The discussions here seem much more informed and civilized.
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    Thanks for the update on Chris Faulk I have wasted some time hoping he comes out and slips into our net.

    Insights from the games this weekend:

    I watched Hankins(if he is number 2 we lucked out missing on him) this weekend and I am off the bandwagon, he was manipulated left and right by a very average line and he contributed little to the victory. God knows we need something more dynamic.

    The running back from Clemson Andre Ellington looked real good, a little small for a every down back but blessed with speed, quickness and lots of agility. Montee Ball also looked legit not nearly as quick but very productive.

    I am trying to like Mingo and Montgomery(LSU) but they keep looking pedestrian and Reid the Safety did not stand out except for a blown coverage.

    Did not get to see the Baylor game as it was not televised where I was located. Have a feeling Baylor has some good talent that I must of missed on defense.

    Time to start fresh as all of my first glance prospects have disappointed or not available. I will check out Moore as everyone seems mesmerized by his talent and speed(A&M)

    i agree Werner is moving up the ladder did not know he was already inside the top ten. I think he will fall out of the ten as some of the QB's are starting to hit their stride(not Barkley USC) and clearly some of the early teams picking will be desperate for QB's which will help us.

    That win over Cleveland did nothing for my confidence of us this season and I think we will be picking in the 10 -16 range, hope I am off base on this notion but Doug Free and this Oline are less than average and Tony will be very sore the rest of the season start getting ready Mr Orton (then we will really see how porous this line can be) .

    I look forward to your insights in the coming months as we wade through the cattle call of the pre draft.

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