If the Eagles roll into our house Sunday and pull off the unthinkable..

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TXCowboyVol, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. jayhouston12

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    Nothing changes, nothing even consideres(sp) being changed until the offseason

    we could get shutout 28-0 foles could go 21-25 for 344 yards and 3 touchdowns nothing would happen
    bryce brown could run the ball 21 times for 205 yards and a touchdown nothing would happen

    we could rush 11 times for 9 yards nothing would happen
    romo could go 15-52 for 23 yards and 5 interceptions nothing would happen
  2. GloryDaysRBack

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    Sure sounds good in theory. Too bad it's more likely Jerry will die in a Tsunami in Texas than it is that your scenario plays out.

    So I'll take my chances w a new coach.

    Lose out
  3. CowboysFanSince88

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    We beat them with Vick, Shady, and Jackson and you are still scared:lmao:
  4. jayhouston12

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    were playing at home on primetime sunday night football

    this team is capable of dropping a steaming hot one right on mid field
  5. GloryDaysRBack

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    As much as we need to lose this game on Sunday. I don't see any way we actually do lose.
  6. Idgit

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  7. Hook'em#11

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    Unthinkable.. LOL

    Good grief,, the OP makes it sound as if this Cowboys team is good and dominant, and "oh what a travesty" it would be IF the Cowboys Lose. ..

  8. jday

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    Even if the Cowboys were to lose out, I still think Jerry would have a very hard time pulling the trigger. Reasons?

    1. He regrets firing Chan Gailey and not giving him more time to fix the Cowboys.
    2. The injury excuse.
    3. Deep down Jerry knows the Cowboys are still in rebuilding mode. He'll just never admit it because he still has to sale tickets.
  9. 17yearsandcounting

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    As if Jerry hiring his friends son to be head coach isnt a part of his domineering reign of terror?
  10. Idgit

    Idgit If you food, you gonna be ate. Staff Member

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    Ooh! I hadn't thought of that. Some days I'm better at anticipating the delirium than others. I think you nailed it!
  11. ScipioCowboy

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    This game is important for the Cowboys organization. If it wants to maintain its tenuous credibility, it needs to win, especially for Jason Garrett's sake. The Cowboys can't go 0-3 at home against the NFC East on the year by losing to an Eagles team that's already dismantling its roster for the off season.
  12. 187beatdown

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    Hopefully a blowout loss will snap Jerry back into reality about Garrett.
  13. StarBoyz83

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    Really!!!!!!!???? Vick played one quarter.!!!!!!!!! Get a grip!!! Game was close besides 2 turnovers at the end for points. Plus its at home and on primetime 2 things cowboys suck at.
  14. Hook'em#11

    Hook'em#11 Well-Known Member

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    Agreed, how anyone can think that this game is a gimme, or would be shocked if Dallas lost?

    IMO, they haven't been paying enough attention to this team the past few seasons, especially this season.
  15. KJJ

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    How could any NFL team have "zero" chance against a Cowboys team that's 5-6 and loses practically every other week? Granted if Vick and McCoy are out along with all the other injuries Philly has they're going to be up against it but if the Cowboys start thinking like you and a few others that Philly has ZERO chance against them they're going to end up in a real dogfight. There's a lot of inner demons the Cowboys are going to be battling Sunday night. Prime-time Sunday night games have been a royal pain for the Cowboys they've lost something like 6 straight on Sunday night.

    The team has been terrible after long weeks, bye weeks and games following the Thanksgiving break check their history the past few years after having some time off. This season they lost to Seattle a game most of us thought they would win after a long week savoring a huge victory over the Giants on opening night. The team showed up not looking focused and unprepared and not only did they lose they got blown out.

    They lost to Baltimore after coming off a bye week. Last season after winning 4 straight games in Nov looking like a team that finally turned the corner they returned from the Thanksgiving break and lost to a 5 win Cardinals team. That loss resulted in the Cowboys finishing the season 1-4 and missing the playoffs. After the beating the Cowboys suffered to Washington on Thanksgiving and believe me that loss was worst than the score indicated they may have a tough time recovering and getting up for a struggling team like Philly.

    What makes Philly dangerous is they have nothing to lose at this point their season is done and Reid is as good as gone so they can come out Sunday night and throw caution to the wind. They just made a surprise cut with Babin so their ownership has sent a message to the team that players are playing for their jobs. I expect Philly to come out and put up a fight. The Cowboys have a lot of the same issues as Philly. They have players out with injuries. They have issues on the OL and they're a team that commits a lot of turnovers. The Cowboys have one of the worst turnover differentials in the entire league and not even Vick has turned the ball over more than Romo.

    If Vick is out Foles proved in the first game 3 weeks ago that he can make plays against our defense that's starting to show cracks like it usually does this time of year when we're fighting for our lives. He put up some pretty good numbers in relief of Vick and he'll be more prepared this time around. Look, I'm not saying the Cowboys are going to lose Sunday night but as inconsistent as this team is it wouldn't surprise me. Last years Cowboy team looked better than this years team. Last years team got dominated 3 times all season. This years team has already been thrashed 3 times with 5 games left. Last season the Cowboys had 2 very convincing wins over St Louis 34-7 and Buffalo 44-7 but so far this season they haven't had one convincing win.

    The win over Philly 3 weeks ago was a come from behind win that was aided by 2 defensive TD's and a special teams TD. The Cowboys are regressing under Garrett and we may not have seen the worst of it with Pitt, Cinn, NO and finishing up on the road in DC. As inconsistent and unpredictable as this Cowboys team has been there's no telling what team we may see Sunday night. All I know is if the Cowboys aren't ready to play and get off to another slow start where they get behind by a TD or more allowing Philly to gain some confidence they're going to end up getting beat and all hell will break loose at Valley Ranch.
  16. ufcrules1

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    Dude.. did you seriously just type all of that? You are reading into this game way too much. Listen, our team sucks really bad and I'm the first one to give them hell, but there is no way on earth Philly can beat us. That is a team that has officially quit.

    If you think I'm wrong, I will give you 7 points and we can bet on the game.. how about that? They have a completely inept QB, one of their top WR is out, their top RB is out, they are dropping players, everyone knows Andy is fired, they are out of the playoffs, etc. It just doesn't get any worse right now. Even our pathetic team right now will easily beat them.

    This Philly team is WAAAAAAY worse than they were 3 weeks ago too. It's not even fair to compare them to 3 weeks ago.
  17. ufcrules1

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    This will be a blowout win for Dallas.
  18. DBOY3141

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    Did you think the Cowboys would blow out the Browns? Most on here did.

    I don't see a blow-out. It will be close or the Cowboys will lose.
  19. ufcrules1

    ufcrules1 Well-Known Member

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    I thought we would beat the Browns pretty good but in the back of my mind I knew the Browns had played some good football at times in the year and kept games close.

    You are talking about a Philly team which has completely given up. Carolina just ABUSED them and Carolina sucks worse than we do. We are going to kill Philly!
  20. IAmLegend

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    They won't. Cowboys will win this game handedly. The Eagles are horrible and they still don't have Vick.

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