If There Are 18 Games Next Year, Offensive Lineman Will Be Gone FAST!!!!!

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by romo_19_55, Feb 11, 2011.

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    If the owners get their wish for 18 games, NFL teams will definitely NEED to invest in more Offensive Lineman to have the necessary depth to sustain a longer season. So, expect to SEE a run on offensive lineman SOONER than you think!!! The Cowboys would be very WISE to use their 9th pick in early rounds to ensure they get their FAIR SHARE of top tier offensive linemen.

    OT Carimi and OG Moffitt of Wisconsin 'dominated' the BIG TEN this year and one or both would be a good fit for us. Additionally, since the Cowboys haven't had a BIG BACK to help move piles and/or sustain drives, i.e. '3rd and short' or 'inside the 5yd line', there are many fan who would like the Cowboys to draft a big back.

    John Clay of Wisconsin at 6'1" 255lbs would be the perfect fit in our offense. He could be our missing link on the many opportunities LOST on 3rd & short or goal-line when our offense couldn't sustain drives. If you watch Wisconsin, their offense line was dominate and their backs (especially Monte Ball and John Clay) punished defenses into submission.

    Bottom Line: With a longer season and high probability of injuries to lineman & RBs, we'd be EXTREMELY DUMB to NOT draft two or more young and athletic (nasty tough) offensive lineman like Carmini and Moffitt plus a couple of big RBs like John Clay (6'1" 255lbs/Wisconsin) and Jamie Harper (5'11" 235lbs/Clemson) or Allen Bradford (5'11" 235lbs/USC). Whoever PLANS for this eventuality will be in the BEST POSITION for the playoffs and Super Bowl run!!! Git Er Done Jerry!!!
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    I agree with you on going OL at 9. If the Cowboys pass on an OT at 9, when the value will be good and safe (when all those players start blending together from pick 7-20), they will get shut out of the top OTs and interior linemen in this draft, I predict. They would pay for that on the football field, imo. The skill players will pay for that on offense.

    The average age of Dallas' offensive line next year will be 33, and it is old and fading fast. It has collapsed in the divisional round twice and has only changed one player in the last 4 years. Colombo is done. Period. He was done in the Vikings game in 2009. A cheap free agent patch will not get it done at RT. Is Doug Free going to be on the team next year? He is scheduled to be a free agent in a very weak OT free agency class. If Free is back (he has all the leverage right now) and gets hurt next year, who is going to go to LT?



    The Eagles and Giants are about to address their o-line, at OT. The Redskins will probably look to address their interior line, at least.

    The Cowboys sat back and passed on Phil Loadholt and Andy Levitre in favor of Robert Brewster and Jason Williams. I think part of it was just being naive on their part and not evaluating their talent on the offensive line properly. They sold the 2009 draft for Roy E. Williams, who turned out to be not as productive or consistent as Patrick Crayton.

    It's an offensive NFC, and Dallas' strength is on offense. An offensive line pick at 9 is just like investing in Dallas' offensive skill players, the strength of the team. It puts the skill players in better positions to succeed and score more consistently and move the ball consistently.

    The Raiders played a 3rd round pick at LT last year. The 49ers stared two first round picks up front. These teams win in the long run and are better up front in November and December. Other teams draft and play on the offensive line to develop players while Dallas watches players like Proctor and Holland and Colombo and Davis get their QB killed and the RB tackled 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage.

    Dallas drafts the E.J. Wheatleys, Robert Brewsters, and James Martens of the world. By the way, their 2nd and 3rd round track record doesn't inspire confidence, which makes taking an OT in round 1 even more important. It's too late to draft a player and hold his hand for three or four years. Dallas needs an OT and OG now. That ship has sailed.

    I'm tired of this poor offensive line not being addressed properly or at all in the draft. I'm sick and tired of it, and the team will not break the divisional round glass ceiling until they address this already old and fading fast offensive line. They may not get back to the divisional round, because the Giants and Eagles are going to draft players who can block you in this draft.

    This team lost a bye in 2009, because they couldn't get 1 yard on three straight runs on San Diego's goal line. The game was at home for crying out loud.

    If your offensive line can pass protect and run block on a consistent basis and do it good, your time of possession goes up, and your defense stays off the field.

    Marc Colombo was the worst RT that I saw last year. (run and pass)

    I'd take Tyron Smith at 9 or Derek Sherrod, because they can play RT and project very well to LT, where I think Free can be supplanted. I prefer Smith, but would be happy with Sherrod.
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    I'd draft a big back, too.

    I'd send Choice packing for sure and perhaps Barber.
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    Sherrod at 9 (or Smith if you have a good feeling about him) isn't a bad choice. Outside of a guy you think will be a playmaker, go OL. They'll help the playmakers you have. And don't be afraid to go back to it at 41 if the value's there. Sounds like overkill, but the O-line could use some of that.

    And yes, if I could trade down, knowing I could still get the guy I want, I'd be okay with that. But don't get cute and lose out on the guy you really want when someone leapfrogs you to get him.

    No playmakers? Go OL.
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    And yes, if I could trade down, knowing I could still get the guy I want, I'd be okay with that. But don't get cute and lose out on the guy you really want when someone leapfrogs you to get him.



    Are starters day one IMO
    be it at RT or LT


    give them a year maybe but the are better than Sam Young

    Plus I think Moffitt is close to being a day one starter
    I put Boling - Schilling -Cannon at G
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    :bow: :hammer:
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    There is not a tackle in the draft worth a top 10 or even top 15 pick.
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    Too bad you don't have INPUT into the Cowboys War Room. You have alot of common sense and can SEE the big picture, too. Your earlier posts are all spot on about how a good OL can IMPACT our offensive skill players EVEN MORE.

    Outside of Patrick Peterson, it'd be more strategically sound to draft top tier OL and a couple of power RBs. With the opposing defense's front seven STRAINED to stop the run, our skill players would be running FREE in the secondary. With a young BIG OL and BIG RBs blocking, Tony Romo can play-action touchdown passes all day long. If opposing defenses try to cheat on our WRs and/or TE, our big RBs could play smash mouth football all the way down the field.

    Bottom Line: The best IMPACT player(s) for Jerry would be to draft the BIG NASTY OT/OG in the early rounds. This would keep Tony upright and allow Dez, Roy, Miles, Witten, and John Phillips (if he returns to his original form) to IMPACT the game like Green Bay has done the past 2 years in the playoffs. If we grab a couple of power backs in the middle or later rounds, the BOYS may indeed have a legit chance of making it past the first round of the playoffs for a change.

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