If This Is Romo's Final Game As A Cowboy. Going To Be Kinda Sad

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Beast_from_East, Dec 31, 2016.

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    This is not a Dak vs Romo thread, so please don't make it one.

    If the reports are true that Romo is going to get some playing time against the Eagles, it is going to be kinda sad watching what will almost surely be Romo's last game as a Cowboy. He is either going to retire, be traded, or be released, the team cannot carry Romo's $24 million dollar salary if he is not the starter, no team could.

    Thus, Sunday will be the final time Romo puts on the silver and blue and takes the field. I have to admit that as a fan with a closet full of Romo jerseys it will be a hard game to watch. I know a lot of fans on here think Romo is just the biggest loser of all time since he didn't win us any championships, but the dude laid it all on the line every time he took the field. He played with some of the worst injuries a QB can suffer, from broken bones to a punctured lung and never one time complained, when asked he would always just say "its football". And while Romo never had deep playoff runs, he regularly turned what would have been 3-13 seasons into 8-8 seasons, and that will be his legacy for his time here with the Cowboys.

    Some say that makes him a loser, I say that makes him one hell of a QB and I for one am going to miss him!!!
  2. T-RO

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    That is a poignant thought. I'll miss him a lot and I hope he gets a chance to prove himself in meaningful games in the future...and I hope he's surrounded by enough talent to really do so.

    I'm very grateful to what he's done for the franchise.
  3. dexternjack

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    It will be like watching an end to an era. The guy was/is a role model for young kids to look up to. He stayed out of trouble and gave his best to our team. It is going to be sad, bittersweet I guess but we appear to be in good hands when he does leave.
  4. CCBoy

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    As a man, I have to respect and will miss the man, Tony Romo. The man has paid for the team's growth, from a completely non-existent offensive line and through the regrowth period that a great offensive line was re-established. He took the team to respectability, and lead where odds were NOT in his favor.

    He played with pain and took the field as soon as humanly possible...and with some pretty rough injuries. He gave all of his heart...and was in the final analysis, a pretty good quarterback. Blame or not being thrown his way.

    I'll miss this Cowboys' player and am proud that that I was able to watch his play in Dallas.
  5. plymkr

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    Me too. I'm grateful he was our QB. Im going to miss him also
  6. Pokes12

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    Who can forget the comeback win in SF when Tony played with a punctured lung. Warrior!!
  7. Vinnie2u

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    Not for me and I tell you why.. Even tho Tony is NOT at fault for the shortcomings of this Franchise for the last 10 years. I'm glad that the new era (Dak&Zeke) has bought in a new level of excitement and attitude. Even tho they might not win it all this year at least I don't get that feeling that the sky is going to fall in at any second. As a whole the whole franchise gives me confidence going forward. So it's bitter sweet to see him go. I'm happy that the era he represents is in the rear view mirror.
  8. CCBoy

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    Sometimes, separating the man from the group is beneficial.
  9. Bungarian

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    Tony is not playing Sunday and it is not his last game as a Cowboy because there are playoff games.
  10. noshame

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    I hope he lights it up
  11. Pokes12

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    Keep up Bucko, he is playing and he will note take a snap in the playoffs unless disaster strikes Dak. Lord forbid.
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  12. d_dub88

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    It saddens me to think of all he had to go through as a solid squad was being pieced together around him and now it looks like it won't ever be his team. Kinda reminds me of the bad breaks Danny White would get in the 80's, a promising QB trying to lead on a rudderless team. I will miss him, if he leaves, and, unless he's playing the Cowboys or going to a team in our division, I will cheer for him.
  13. QuikZ06

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    I'll miss him if in fact this is his last game/season with the team. Sometimes it was super frustrating to watch him play, but we always tuned in to watch. Some guys here may be too young to remember the days before Romo. Man, we had some pretty bad quarterbacks...thinking back I can't believe Ryan Leaf QB'd our team at one point.
  14. Radiashun

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    There was an issue of Sports Illustrated in Dec 2013 with Romo on the cover. The caption says: "Why America's Whipping Boy Deserves Your Unconditional Love". It saddens me how many Dallas Cowboys fans never came to realize that. It's Dak's time, but I wish Tony's exit meant a little more to the fan base at large than maybe celebrating a conditional fifth round pick.
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  15. nathanlt

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    Do you realize that tomorrow's Eagle game could be the last time Tony Romo plays in a Cowboys uniform. Given the good health of Dak Prescott so far, it is more than likely his last action wearing the star. I've really appreciated all Romo's effort, his classiness, and even his humor during press conferences. Only when he was benched did we hear from the media that he was actually a good quarterback, (and they were probably only trying to fuel the fire of a QB controversy). I always appreciated his talent, and how he played far above his undrafted status with 4 Pro Bowl trips. I very much want him to get a Super Bowl ring with the team he stayed with through some bad years.

    Needless to say, I'll be very sad to see him go, and I'll be sure to appreciate his (likely) final snaps on Sunday.
  16. JerryJonesMustGo

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    RoH for sure. He was one of the toughest guys to ever lace them up. Gave his body for the team. Hope he comes back as a coach and doesn't light us up if he plays us next season for another team on our schedule.
  17. jwooten15

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    Well said.

    He's a great QB and an even better person.

    I'll miss seeing those scrambling spin moves. I'll miss the charisma.

    We truly struck gold with Tony and I hope he's able to find success wherever he goes before he retires a Cowboy.

    I'm gonna really enjoy tomorrow's game.
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  18. Staubacher

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    You never know, Tony could be forced into action for even one play in the postseason and it could make all the difference. Regardless, I will always appreciate and root for the guy no matter what he ends up doing. He has a great post QB life ahead of him.
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  19. Teague31

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    Last game won't be until the SB.
    Ring of Honor for sure but the anti Cowboy bias liekly keeps him out of the hall. I will miss him. He was the only reason to watch this team for almost a decade
  20. Bullflop

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    I've enjoyed seeing Romo simply being his highly honorable and enjoyable self and playing QB so well on this team. I'm hoping he enjoys success wherever he goes and would love to see him become a host and commentator like several other Cowboys before him. I think he'd be highly successful in that type of endeavor, what with his amiable personality and speaking ability. May he see nothing but good fortune ahead.

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