If this were 2010, where would Mark Barron be drafted?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by hra8700, Apr 15, 2012.

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    I like Martin, but the only thing he has on Barron is straight-line speed. His instincts and angles leave much to be desired.
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    Interesting post... I know Broaddus has said similar things. Maybe not that he's better (can't remember that for sure) but that he's better in coverage.

    Which surprises me, because he never struck me as that good at it in college. I thought he was more of a big hitter type. But you and others are definitely seeing it.

    I paid so little attention to Barron when Bama played, I don't even know how to compare them. But I'd hope Barron would be much better if we were considering him at 14. :confused:
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    That sounds about right.
    He would be drafted close to where he will go this year, but he would have probabaly been the 3rd safety taken.
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    Martin looks alot worse at it in his career because he is a 210 lbs safety and gets stuck on Kendall Wright, Ryan Broyles, Jermaine Gresham or Jordan Shipley in some man situations. The offenses dictated this by formation and personnel group. The truth is he has covered a bunch of NFL receivers with passes from a bunch of 1st round quarterbacks. He did this on a team where the best front 7 player he played with is Jeremy Blatnick. There is no projection to figure out how he would react it is on the tape. You can certainly have an opinion whether he did in well or if it was a problem, but there should be certainty.

    Now if you are worried about how he would come down as the 8th guy in the box and hold up against a physical tailback and fullback there is not a ton of tape on it. Pretty much his game against Georgia, Stanford, Texas and some Oklahoma tapes.

    IMO, I think he would be a steal of a 4th rounder even with a medical risk.

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