if u had to cut one

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboyChris, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. calico

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    I would go with Thompson just because of his situation. I would hope he makes practice squad and improves next year.
  2. sacase

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    Wow, it is rather unbeliveable that PEople would rather pick Barber who has shown nothing except how to fumble the ball over Atrain. I am amazed at people sometimes. Is it en vouge to pick rookies and underdogs these days? PErhaps the reason Barber has such a big upside is because he needs improvement? BP already said in teh PC that he knows Atrain will play ST if he has to. HE knows what to expect from ATrain so he don't need to see him do it. If I recall BP also said if Barber doesn't play thursday then he has a tough choice to make. Sounds like barber is on the bubble to me.
  3. Hostile

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    In a heartbeat.

    If Julius went down he is our best option as a starter. The other 2 have more long term potential here by virtue of their youth and Special Teams ability. Tough call.
  4. AbeBeta

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    Wow - how many times do we have to go over who is or isn't PUP eligible. It is simple - you play in TC at all -- NO PUP.
  5. MarionBarberThe4th

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    So what, one fumble, wow. I cant believe you'd cut a guy based on one play. Even though Parcells said it was bc he had sweaty arns and is going to start wearing sleeves.

    A-Train has basically never played ST, while Barber has returned kicks in college and was in on our KO unit.

    Also, he has shown the ability to break tackles, lower his shoulder, and get some tough yards. Even without any blocking.
  6. sacase

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    Obviously you are Biased. Excuses are like....well never mind. Fact is Atrain is a better back now. Last time I looked the game is about what you can do NOW not what your potential is sometime in the future. ATrain stays. Parcells also said he needs a reason to keep a rookie who has proven nothing. So everything is on Barber to make the team not Atrain.
  7. CowboyChris

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    BP also said in his PC that it would be hard to keep a RB that was just an insurance policy to Julius, which tells me that Thompson is getting a long look as a returner. just something to keep an eye on
  8. MarionBarberThe4th

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    BP could care less what he has done, that doesnt give him a pass bc of what he did. Everyone starts from scratch every year with Bill. He told Train when he signed him he oculd be cut. IF he was really impressed with what he did in the past he wouldnt of told him that. Train knew that and knows he has to prove himself like everyone else.

    Also, are you saying youd rather have Tyson Thomspon over MB3? who has only proved he has speed on the outside corner. And still hasnt broke a tackle. And has shown terrible vision.

    Your really only going on one fumble, well everyone fumbles, it happens, Julius fumbles, Witten fumbles.

    MB3 has shown he is tough, can break tackles, and is not afraid to go up the middle. Thompson has shown none of that.

    Hes also averaged 9 yards on PR's. Which would probably put him in the top 12 in the league.

    All Im saying is give the kid time. More than two 4th quarters against the Cards and Seahwaks.
  9. sacase

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    Have a set role for Anthony Thomas?
    I’m trying to figure that out exactly. We have a few moving parts there, especially with Tyson being a surprise. Then you have the FB position in how it relates to the TE position. I have a set cumulative number there. I don’t really know what is going to happen yet. I’m not sure. The main question I have to answer is who goes in if Julius can’t play. I don’t have an answer to that yet.

    Tyson surprised you enough to get 6-10 carries a game in the regular season?
    If it was just about running the ball, that might be the case. But unless he can do some other things in addition to 6-10 carries, he wont go to the games. That long punt return they ran against us the other night … that was a little of his work. I thought he did a little better kick returning the other night, but its got to be more than that. If you’re a back up RB, you can’t just be over there as an insurance back. The past couple of years I’ve had backs who don’t participate in special teams, and I don’t like that. I want to change it. When you look at a lot of the teams we play, their backup RB’s are their key special teams players.

    Barber’s foot?
    Its basically a cut or wound. Its not a structural injury. I don’t know what is going to happen on Thursday, I don’t have any answers for you right now.

    Antony Thomas contribute on special teams?
    He’ll be on kickoff returns, but he needs to be on something else. I think he’ll do whatever it takes to play. That’s one advantage Anthony has over these young kids, he knows he’s got to be something else. He knows he can’t just stand over there on the sidelines as an insurance policy.

    Do you have someone who can fill in for Julius at RB?
    I think we should be better at that position with depth. I don’t know how much. I think we have a chance. I have more candidates to run the ball as an option than we did last year. Its only a strenght if these young kids grow up very very quickly. Barber is hurt now, that’s not good. I was wanting to put him into the sawmill Seattle, and hopefully I can do it again on Thursday. I put Tyson through the sawmill against the Texans.

    Does the length of Barber’s injury impact your decision?
    Yeah. The point is not how long it will take. It doesn’t take a cut forever to heal. Its having confidence in a rookie that he can play when he has done nothing to demonstrate that he can.

    Now out of all these comments tell me who you really think is on the bubble?
  10. MarionBarberThe4th

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    His foot should be fine by Sep. 11th.

    Whether you like it or not, hes going to be on this team. And probably get the 2nd most carries.
  11. blindzebra

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    Talk about selective comprehension.

    He said the exact same thing about both Thompson and Thomas, and I'll throw in Barber too, but here is a clue:

    1. All 3 play RB, Thompson has been much more explosive and Barber has also shown more burst. Advanatge young guys.

    2. All 3 play on coverage teams, even.

    3. Two returns kicks the other doesn't, advantage young guys.
  12. Rack Bauer

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    A-Train cuz he'll be a FA next year anyway, plus I think Barber and TT could handle taking some of the load off JuJo. And I'd rather have a quicker back near the goalline anyway. Power is nice, but useless if you're getting hit before you get your momentum going.

    I think all 3 of them will make the team.
  13. sacase

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    Don't get me wrong but I hope he does make the team, however if it came down to atrain and barber I think it is atrain who stays.
  14. PaEagleHater

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    CowboyChris, good thing you aren't a betting man. you'd be out money. I'd say Barber, but none of them are getting cut.
  15. Sarge

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    I'd cut A-train but I have a feeling all of them will make it.
  16. Phoenix-Talon

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    Let it rip, just don't eat as many beans at the tailgate next week (just having some fun):)

    Seriously, the Eagles are having the same dilema. I think freeing Up Corey SImon was a brilliant move by Eagle's GM. I believe we saved approx 15-19 mil.$

    Good luck. You never want to release someone that turns around and becomes someone ele's playmaker.
  17. JackMagist

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    PUP can only be done at the START of training camp...it is too late for that.

    I would cut A-Train. I saw him run right past some huge holes in the Texans game. There were holes you could drive a freight train through and he ran up the back of his blocker. He just has very poor vision for finding the hole. Plus he doesn't do much on ST and could easily be replaced on the one or two units that he appears on.

    Barber, I have not seen enough of to make a judgment. He has good upside but he would be the next one on the list. The case of fumblitis in Seattle doesn't help his cause any either.

    Thompson is close to as big and runs with close to as much power as A-Train and has a LOT more speed; Parcells would have to be completely daft to cut him.

    Who will Parcells cut? Who the hell knows what that man will do?
  18. Portland Fanatic

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    This is a good question...and to be honest I'm really surprised that so many want to cut A-Train. TT is really fast, but a long long ways from a real product. Personally I think A-Train has ran pretty well in the pre-season...I think his style along with JJ will compliment each other this year. I also really like Barber...he is much further ahead of TT in terms of being an NFL RB. TT is very intriguing and would love to keep him on to develop and for kick off returns. However, if I had to cut someone it would be TT...IMO the future will be JJ and Barber as the one two punch. This year A-train is a nice vet with some gas in the tank that can be productive.

    Think about it this way...what a nice problem we have!

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Barber. Thompson needs time but he may get there. A-Train understands the Pro game. He won't get your QB killed and he does play special teams. He will get you a couple of yards and he can play a 16 game season should it come down to that. Barber isn't healthy. He's turned the ball over. He hasn't shown he can get it done. You can't grade him on what he hasn't shown.

    Now, the real answer is none of them. I would send one of them to developement.
  20. Howboutdemcowboys31

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    bye bye a-train and hes 11 flat 40 time

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