Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by sportsman, Nov 13, 2005.

  1. sportsman

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    Are we then pronounced overrated team?
  2. parchy

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    I hope 'we loose' for this game. Pulled muscles hurt.
  3. roughneck266

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    If you are referring to what everyone has been saying about the Giants, then, no mainly because even if we lose to philly we lost to a markedly better team than the Vikings. JMHO
  4. Trip

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    If we come out loose then we'll win.
  5. Champsheart

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    NO, as a matter of fact HELL NO!

    People around here are thinking we are just going to go in there a blow Philly out.

    I do not expect that at all. Philly while they might not be elite anymore, they are not chop liver either. It is hard to go beat good football teams on the road, real hard.

    I fully expect Philly will play the best game they play the whole second half of the year. I am serious!

    We called in question their man hood last time. They have to win this game! They want revenge, their season is on the line, and they are at home.

    This is not an easy task, and this one could go either way.
    If we win it will be huge!
    If we lose we are right where things where before this weekend started.

    It is a huge opportunity, but by no means if we lose a game on the road, that could go either way does that mean we are over rated.

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