If we win the Media has no choice but proclaim Dallas for REAL.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Champsheart, Oct 22, 2005.

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    as far as containing alexander goes....the way we have been tackling i see no reason why we wont keep him under 100 yds
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    yeah you need to go and watch a little film, he's breaking LOTS of tackles... not sure which WR you are watching. NFL Network did a little breakdown on the play where Crayton scored the long TD pass vs. Oakland. He caught the ball in stride and the safety missed the tackle, he had the angle to tackle him all along, the man who should have made the tackle was C. Woodson but he waited for the FS to make the tackle, when he whiffed on Crayton all he could do was grab at him... Woodson was not ever physical at the point of attack, resulting in the long TD pass. Watch again and I don't think Woodson ever even touched him... I'll miss Pat... hope he gets back quicker than expected. Also, Crayton was returning punts, not kickoffs. Kickoffs have been returned by Tyson Thompson.

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