If you could have just ONE game guaranteed this season...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dcstands4, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. dcstands4

    dcstands4 Active Member

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    If you could have just ONE game guaranteed this season Which would it be? If we were guaranteed to win a particular game in the regular season which one would it be? It doesn't mean we'd go 1-15, it just means if you could pick one game were we totally shut down, out witted and out played just ONE team on the regular season schedule what game would it be? A game you're visiting Dallas for a hated rival, which game?

    Regular season only no playoffs or Super Bowl.
  2. iowast8rs

    iowast8rs Well-Known Member

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    Home game against the Deadskins. I have tickets for that game.
  3. bigdnlaca

    bigdnlaca Well-Known Member

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    If I had a choice, I would say Oakland because of their issue @ qb.
    IMO all the games this season are winnable but they aren't guaranteed.
  4. Deep_Freeze

    Deep_Freeze Well-Known Member

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    I believe our schedule will end up being alot tougher than it appears on the surface right now cause there are alot of good teams on it that could have great seasons this season.

    If I had to pick one, it would probably be the Broncos game cause that will probably be the one we will be the biggest dog in. Its basically a game we are supposed to lose, so making that one guaranteed would make our season alot easier.
  5. JWitten

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    The last game of the season. It seems that the playoffs are always a possibility coming down to the last game. If that game was a given, it means we reach the playoffs and who knows what happens then.
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  6. ologan

    ologan Well-Known Member

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    Either the very first one, in order to come out of the gate running, or the last one, as that seems to be the one we've needed to win in the past seasons to get into the playoffs.
  7. VACowboy

    VACowboy Well-Known Member

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  8. NateSuri

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    First game. Gotta beat the Giants at home...
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  9. Tass

    Tass Lucky Devil

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    I hate the Broncos.
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  10. Lonestar94

    Lonestar94 Well-Known Member

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    Last game vs Eagles is the only reasonable option.. We need to be on fire heading into the playoffs, or if not, atleast end the season with a better taste in our mouths. ( ex Last year Giants 42 Eagles 7 )
  11. IrishAnto

    IrishAnto Well-Known Member

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    That would be my pick too.
  12. basstapp

    basstapp Well-Known Member

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    It would definitely be a divisional game. I would prefer to spank the Giants and set a tone for the rest of the season.
  13. dcstands4

    dcstands4 Active Member

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    really? do you think we'll lose to the raiders? or just becuase its thanksgiving?
  14. cowboys2233

    cowboys2233 Well-Known Member

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    Yeah, just like last year. Oh, wait...

    Give me the guaranteed win on the last game, rather than the first. The first one means nothing, the last one has meant everything the past couple of seasons.
  15. dexternjack

    dexternjack World Traveler

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    The Saints game and I hope the offense scores over and over on them.
  16. EchoBrain22

    EchoBrain22 beWaredizzle

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    Deadskins, in their house.
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  17. brucekr

    brucekr Active Member

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    Tired of losing to the Giants in our new stadium that isn't so new anymore. So, sentimentally, the opener. The Eagles home game could likely decide the outcome of the division though.
  18. dcstands4

    dcstands4 Active Member

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    For personal reason I want to beat Washington at home, last year was humiliating. I've never experienced a loss while at a game and that was a bad way to experience one.
  19. big dog cowboy

    big dog cowboy THE BIG DOG Staff Member

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    At Washington.
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  20. Red Dragon

    Red Dragon Well-Known Member

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    Normally, I'd say Cowboys @ Giants.

    But this time I'd say Giants @ Cowboys, just because I'd hate the idea of the Giants being 5-0 at Cowboys Stadium. That has got to end.

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