If you could improve three areas of team for last 7 games, what would they be?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by newlander, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. newlander

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    1. For me I would say we should cut WAY down on penalties: 5 or less per game. Especially the pre snap penalties that are similar to a high school team.
    2. Secondly, I'd say that if we could have complete HEALTH for Murray, JRat, Costa, etc...and not incur any more injuries we could actually go 10-6.
    3. Starting to play WELL at home and with heart, passion and URGENCY. My GOSH it's been brutal since we opened that place. I don't blame the fans for being quiet: what the heck have they had to cheer about?
  2. percyhoward

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    1. red zone offense
    2. red zone offense
    3. red zone offense
  3. Howardlittleton64

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    1) GM/owner
    2) Coaching staff
    3) everything else gets resolved by those two changes (oline, play calling, penalties, talent, complacency, etc.)
  4. tomson75

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    1. OL. They have no ability to impose heir will. If the defense gets the play call right, it's basically like watching poachers club baby seals.

    2. Stupidity. This goes for players and coaches alike. Penalties, game awareness, etc.

    3. Injuries. I want Lee, Church, and Murray back...and for no further significant injuries.

    /fantasy land
  5. Big D

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    1. Offense
    2. Defense
    3. Special Teams
  6. Risen Star

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    1. You're not going to fix the OL. The players aren't good. But I'd like to see more draws and delays in the running game like we did against the Eagles. Also more screens. Even reverses. Just make a bigger attempt to manufacture a run game to lessen the load on the QB. This is going to be important as we head into December. It always is.

    2. A little more blitzing. I think we can get more aggressive getting after the QB. Send Bruce Almighty. He's got the speed. Ernie Sims too. Show me some corner blitz with Scandrick like we used to. He excels at it.

    3. Penalties. We simply can not afford to give yards away. That has to get corrected for any chance of making the playoffs.
  7. DenCWBY

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  8. Star4Ever

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    Blocking by the OL
  9. D29Murray

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    1) Pass Protecting
    2) Run Blocking
    3) Pressure opposing QBs
  10. jobberone

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    We were scoring about 18 per and that's up but those were not offensive points. If we don't start scoring 25 or more a game then we're going no where.

    If you want to discuss how then we can go there.
  11. Little Jr

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    1. Hc
    2. Oc
    3. Gm
  12. punchnjudy

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    converting short yardage

    getting the other team off the field in 3rd and long.
  13. Crown Royal

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    I like this thread, and since it is asking for the final 7 games I am going to answer in how I would real-world like to see it done (not some nonsense "Improve the OL" which, for the last 7 games of the season, resides in the magical world of elves and eskimos*)

    1) I revisit a hurry up mode with a 12 set but with some new springlings. Romo has the ability to slide TE and back protection toward the pressure and still have Witten/Austin and Bryant out on routes. I'd actually experiment with Witten and Austin on a tight formation with Bryant split out wide. I'd REALLY like to see this in the redzone because we MUST start scoring points. I don't know that an actual run game is possible, even with Murray back, when we need it. So let's get some yardage in short passing scenarios.

    2) Adopt a 2-man under scheme. We played this to GREAT success against the Giants, despite Sensabaugh being crappy in zone and McCray being less effective away from the line of scrimmage. It doesn't quite generate turnovers, but it stifles an offense. We are better in man coverage and I think Claiborne in particular gets less nervous when he knows he has help. If we had better safeties we could take more chances, but right now we just have to play straight up. I echo what Risen Star says on the bliitzing; I think most here would be surprised at how very little we send more than 4 people. It just needs to be hidden well.

    3) Learn to run out of the shotgun. For all the lipservice Garrett plays to balanced offense (which is both silly because our team doesn't have the line to get a push on running plays and our receivers are just plain unreliable), at least call a draw or screen or even an offtackle from the shotgun. It may not ALWAYS be effective, but if you really want to make the defense respect you from that formation, show them that you are willing to attempt anything to get yards.
  14. TwentyOne

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    1. Offensive Coordinator.
    2. Center & Right Tackle
    3. Wide Receiver
  15. xwalker

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    1. Costa comes back causing the OL to play like it did against the Ravens,especially in the running game.

    2. Free goes to the bench after his next false start and Parnell dominates at RT with stunning athleticism.

    3. Kowalski replaces either OG and Callahan exclaims that he is most talented Zone-Blocking-Scheme OG that he's ever coached.

    If I had a 4th , it would that Arkin goes all-in on undetectable Roids.
  16. TwentyOne

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    Lets go with HGH. Those are undetectable und whats more you go from Superman (the way you feel with with Roids) straight to God (the way you feel with HGH).

    But i am pretty sure he's already on that stuff.
  17. Hagman

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    Special team play
  18. spolcyc

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    1. Offense
    2. Defense
    3. Special teams
  19. AdamJT13

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    1. Pass offense
    2. Pass defense
    3. Situational coaching decisions
  20. sureletsrace

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    Offense, Defense, and Special Teams.

    Not sure if anyone said it yet, but it seems to me to be the obvious response.

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