If you could pick any two players in the first round of next year's draft?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Henson7, Oct 30, 2004.

  1. hockix

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    Getting Rolle and Mike Williams....Wow...can't stop dreaming...

    Just those two would make a perfect draft.

    If we can add a good DE or DT, and a FS from FA.
    That would be the better offseason for years...

    I forgot, please draft the better player available in lower drafts, not anymore for hope of ST help.....
  2. The30YardSlant

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    After yesterday....

    Antrel Rolle and Braylon Edwards
  3. CowboysNumeroUno

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    How did Rolle play against UNC, I missed the game. But I did see he got scored on for UNC's first TD, and I saw some no calls when he was holding the reciever.
  4. DoomsDayD

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    Williams and benson.
  5. Put Henson In

    Put Henson In New Member

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    Benson and Rod Wright
    DJ and Edwards
    Kiwi and Hawthorne
    Williams and Rolle
  6. Hailmary

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    I'm pretty sure I'd want Rolle w/ the first pick. W/ the 2nd first, I'd seriously consider trading down and picking up an additional 2nd or 3rd. We have too many holes to fill.

    WR seems to be a popular choice. If I had to pick between Williams and Edwards, I'd definitely take Williams. I see absolutely no difference between the careers of Edwards and a former UM alum David Terell. What has Terrell done w/ the Bears so far? Not much. Granted, he's had to battle some injuries and poor QB play, but his fellow teammates playing the same position has outperformed him during his tenure.

    Personally, I'd rather try to sign a young WR like Plaxico in FA. He's at his prime and he's shown big play ability the past couple of seasons. That, PLUS the fact that very few rookie WR make an immediate impact (2-3 years) leads me to think that FA is the way to go.

    So I guess I'd want Rolle and the best available DT in the first.

    The player I REALLY want to see in a Cowboys uniform is Devin Hester of Miami. Not sure if he'll be eligible for the draft or that he'd even declare if he was (still pretty raw), but he just seems to play a lot faster than anyone else on the field. He'll make a difference from day returning KOs and punts and could be a factor in the recieving game down the road. Just my 2 cents.

    Oh, and for those that want Pollack, I think we already have a similar player in Kalen Thornton. Not a fan of Pollack myself. On the other end of the spectrum, I'm not sure what to think of Kiwi. I just have a hard time believing that someone who's 6'8" can be all that quick...
  7. b_virtue

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    Rolle and Johnson, imagine how great the secondary would be with woodson, williams, newman and Rolle, plus having johnson getting in the backfield will help as well
  8. 4lifecowboy

    4lifecowboy Well-Known Member

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    Williams and Johnson
  9. Put Henson In

    Put Henson In New Member

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    Edwards is nothing like Terrel. DT was a punkm BE has his head on straight and is a straight baller. Not to mention he is much stronger and agile than Terrel. Braylon will be a Chad Johnson type player w/ a little less flamboyance, and more physical.
  10. Hailmary

    Hailmary Well-Known Member

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    Not sure about their personalities, but physically, I think DT and BE compare well w/ one another. And let's not forget that DT also had very good numbers his last 2 seasons, similar to the numbers that Edwards is putting up this year (good enough to be selected 8th overall anyway).

    But besides from all the numbers, I'm not crazy about Michigan WRs. The only one that's gone on to having a solid career in the past 10-15 years is Amani Toomer. Let's face it Michigan is not known for producing very good WRs. If I'm going to invest first round money on a WR, I personally would shop somewhere else.

    Of course Edwards could turn out to be great, I guess there's just no way of predicting this stuff....
  11. DCowboysGal

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    I'd grab soon-to-be-FA CB Fred Smoot from WAS as he's only 25 and really starting to emerge this year as a legit #1 CB now that C. Bailey is gone, but I guess I'd do it primarily to piss WAS off. Then using the two 1st-round picks, I'd draft DE David Pollack or Dan Cody to upgrade the pass rush and one of DT's Rod Wright, Anttaj Hawthorne, or Anthony Bryant to have a big 300+lb. behemoth who can stop the run. Use the 2nd-round pick to grab TCU's WR Reggie Harrell or Miami of Ohio's Martin Nance, both big guys. Use the 4th-round pick on NSU OLB Pat Thomas. He's not the greatest talent, but he's really coachable and a hard worker who'd eventually become a good leader for the LB corps.

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