If you could solve one problem...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TonyS, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. TonyS

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    After watching 3 games so far, if you could solve only 1 of these problems, which would it be?

    1) Free safety
    2) Conservative/predictable offense
    3) Lack of Pass rush/QB pressure
    4) Placekicker
    5) Punt returner
  2. roughneck266

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    Number three, mainly because with that I belive we have an automatically better FS.
  3. joseephuss

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    I don't think of the offense as too conservative or predicatable. I think the offensive play calling is too inconsistent. They get away from things that are going well at times and too cute at other times. This is a run the ball, control the game clock offense. I have no problem with that. I just think Payton out thinks himself sometimes and that leads to inconsistent drives.

    I guess I should just answer the question and that would be Free Safety. And that isn't that fair either because it is really both safeties because both are responsible in pass coverage. They both need to improve.
  4. Compacity

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    I have to say (2) Conservative/predictable offense.... Because against the Chargers, Redskins, and 49ers, it was plays that you just think why did they call this play, for example: Against the Redskins on 3rd and 15 with 6:38 seconds in the 4th Quarter the Bill Parcells and Sean Payton calls a HB Dive up the middle with Tyson Thompson, and Tyson Thompson is more of a sweep or pitch back because of his bursting speed, the middle?, that was as conservative as you can get....

    Keith Davis isn't a bad free-safety, he just needs to learn a couple of things, that's why he's starting. You have other people that needs to learn alot. Keith Davis could come up big this upcoming week against the Raiders....with a lot of FF and Hard Hits...
  5. TonyS

    TonyS Well-Known Member

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    I'm surprised that Free Safety got most of the responses here.

    Maybe that weak link affects the whole D strategy.

    If that's the case, BP should be whipped for not filling the hole with a better Free Safety.

    Hopefully, Davis will learn not to be so aggressive in his reaction to plays.

    THUMPER Papa

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    I didn't vote because the one thing I would change is to get a new DC. I've been saying it for many years now, since Zimmer was the DB coach, he stinks!

    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    I voted "Kicker" only because this is a position directly involved in scoring points. Also the pressure is taken off an offense when they know they got a kicker they can count on to add points. With that pressure off, offenses play better because they play looser. Just ask the Ptriots offense how much they value Vinatteri (sp?). A solid kicker can take a team to a whole new level.

  8. hipfake08

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    I voted for the offensive fix.
    If you fix this you put the other team under the gun even more than they are now. We are possessing the ball for an average of 32 minutes a game so far.
    Better offense - with a few scores mixed in - would make other teams play from behind.
    Thus making them throw more.
  9. Asklesko

    Asklesko Well-Known Member

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    I'd go with a new offense. I want to see some Colts' type fireworks.
  10. Hoov

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    FS coverage problems needs to be adressed NOW.

    Pass rush also needs to improve, i think we can do some different things as players become more familiar with schemes and each other.

    Offense is fine IMO, the offense is coming together faster than i expected. blesoe and key seem to be on the same page and hooking up when it counts the most. bledsoe and glenn are playing well together, witten will get more involved, O Line is doing a great job and Jones is going to have a good year. We even ran a screen and picked up good yards yesterday.

    Im really happy with the offensive play calling (except for 4th and 1 on your own 30) but parcells is going to do that a lot. he beleives in using all 4 downs at times.
  11. Rack Bauer

    Rack Bauer Federal Agent

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    Anyone that picked FS needs to take Football 101. A FS isn't gonna help our pass defense NEARLY as much as a pass rush. With a FS, a QB would still get time to throw and if a QB has time to throw your DBs WILL get beat.

    With a pass rush it doesn't matter who you have a FS, he won't have time to throw and he'll be rushing passes. Larry Allen could be the FS and he'd end up with 5 picks.
  12. Hoov

    Hoov Senior Member

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    K Collins had time to throw yesterday, but some guy named dawkins kept breaking up his passes.
  13. dallasblue05

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    Exactly, this is why I said the FS issue. I think that we have the FS here, he just needs to show up and do his job, whether its Pile or davis. I personally thought pile did an excellent job when he was in on sunday. And I think if we keep him in there, he'll continue to stiffen our D. Until we get where we want, our D strategy will not be as aggressive to allow some help for that area. JMO, but I thinkwe have everything we need. The kicker is definitely a close second!!
  14. Rack Bauer

    Rack Bauer Federal Agent

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    That must be why he had such a horrible game throwing for 345 yards and 2 TDs, with NO interceptions.

    Thanks for proving my point for me.
  15. kojak

    kojak Who Loves Ya Baby?

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    Pash rush with out a doubt.When we starting getting more pressure on the QB, the DB's and the safetys will be fine.
  16. Tobal

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    I vote center,

    I think we'll start getting a pass rush soon, and I think that will help the Pass def. I don't mind the play calling.

    Our center is getting abused too often.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Not sure if many are aware of this but over the last 3 games, we have given up 331 yards on 76 rush attempts. That's an average of 4.36 YPA. That aint gonna get it done. Teams have consistantly ran the ball against us. This is starting to worry me a little bit.
  18. FRDRCK

    FRDRCK DeWare94

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    Pash rush with out a doubt.When we starting getting more pressure on the QB, the DB's and the safetys will be fine.

    Ware for 10.5 in 2005!
  19. Hiero

    Hiero New Member

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    I think the reason or at least my reason, was that we already tried to fix pass rush, I think its just a matter of time and the players learning and gelling. the pass rush hasnt been there consistently, but we put imo more than enough players in, its just a matter of time.

    FS on the otherhand we just kinda gave up on IMO this last offseason. BP i think got a little too overconfident in Davis, and now Davis is getting beat deep left and right. We need to make a concerted effort to get a real starting quality FS brought in. Pile was something imo, but not really addressing the issue like it needs to be.
  20. joseephuss

    joseephuss Well-Known Member

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    That is misleading. San Francisco ran the ball well against Dallas. San Diego and Washington did not. Most of the yards that Dallas gave up so far has been to the 49ers and the Brunnell scramble. That scramble really skewed the rushing statistics. Dallas contained the running game in the first two games and did not in the third game. Something to consider and improve on, but it doesn't looks has if teams have rushed it consistantly against the Cowboys.

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