If you had to choose only one to extend?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Eskimo, Nov 12, 2012.

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    Many want to keep Lee and that is not unreasonable.

    However, the question becomes under what terms: how much guaranteed money, specifically. Would you open up the bank and give him a $8M bonus? How about $15M?

    This is my main point - how much would you give a guy who has missed major time in about five straight seasons going back to college with soft tissue injuries.
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    Tough one. Fortunately we'll never reach that dilemma as there is absolutely no reason to let either player walk without extending them to at least one long term contract. For talents like Carter/Lee, you find a way to keep both and trim from other positions on the roster.
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    Yes, there are individuals with weak connective tissue as a disease (Ehler Danlos syndrome, for example) but I'm not speaking of a disease, per se.

    It is easy for everyone to accept that some people are shorter than others and there is a wide range of normal. It is easy to accept that some people are naturally stronger. It is easy to accept that some people can run faster and jump higher. It seems like some people are more prone to concussions and heart disease and inflammatory arthropathy.

    Why is it so hard to believe there is some variation in the strength of connective tissue. I definitely believe that football weeds out over the years those who don't have the near super-human connective tissue strength needed to play this sport at a high level. If you have everything else but have sub-elite connective tissue strength you will fail at the highest level of this sport, the NFL.

    The problem is there is no known way to reliably test something like this. You can only go by injury history.

    I would say I am now highly skeptical that Lee will play many seasons without missing at least 3 or 4 games. That is a major problem since you lose an elite player and you routinely have to also pay extra for depth at that position even though the backup may rarely see the field when Lee is healthy.

    I'd re-sign Carter without batting an eye.

    If I were to suggest re-signing Lee, it'd have to be understood as a gamble with limited guaranteed moeny - I wouldn't go over $8M for him but I'd be happy to give him tons of incentives .

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