If you were the general manager of this team and were given full power

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bungarian, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. jobberone

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    Smartest post I've seen in a long time even if it was in jest.....well maybe in jest. :D
  2. big dog cowboy

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    Good luck with that.
  3. Rack Bauer

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    I'd draft another TE in the 2nd round and let the public know we plan on mainly running out of 14 personnel, but with such "Great" talent at TE it's a major threat in the passing game as well.

    I'd jump in front of a camera and flap my redneck gums as often as I can and say the dumbest possible crap that comes to my mind.

    Cuz Jerry Jones is my hero.
  4. CrownCowboy

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    I would commence to totally rebuild. We are not going to win a Super Bowl with this core and coaching staff. I'd wait for the season to finish and fire the entire coaching staff and start to find a coach with a vision of having a hard nosed approach and toughness.

    I'd immediately make acquiring as much cap space and future draft picks the top priority and go from there.

    Building the team personnel wise is a long post.
  5. jobberone

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    I'm not happy with the state of affairs. I've gone from thinking sooner or later we'll win a SB to who knows. And now I fear I'll die before seeing another which is something that never crossed my mind.

    I don't think you can afford to keep changing coaches. Garrett may not be THE guy but he's doing a pretty good job with what he has had to work with and from where he started. And yes he has warts. The defense has been devastated two years in a row and I don't know how to evaluate anyone when they don't have the resources to do their job.

    You continue with rebuilding. I resign Spencer if the price is right. I hope Ware can regain his mojo. You keep looking for another pass rusher, defensive lineman, at least one OG, and find some DBs esp at safety. I keep saying we need another CB or two but Jerry isn't getting the message. You keep your fingers crossed we get some better health the next year and a half, continue to draft well and acquire players by any other method, and keep tweaking the offense and defense. I have no way of knowing if we can get another position coach or two in here or is that's feasible. I'd like to see more attention directed at the DBs and have some fresh blood to influence Kiffin et al.

    Jerry needs to hire a consultant to work with him and the scouting staff and coaches. He needs someone to 'influence' him appropriately. I think he needs to look at the scouting department including those in the field and in the film room.
  6. Dday22t

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    Hire a GM. Tell him to draft D-line & O-line. Yeah we took 2 O-line last couple draft, but after years of not taking any high still need more. 9 of 22 starters are linemen. If we had solid lines this team would be good.
  7. dart

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    hire Ozzie Newsome
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  8. dupree89

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    You're hired.
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  9. honyock

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    It actually happened. It went very badly. You had the bad sense to hire me, your best friend all these years, to be the head coach, and I was historically bad. Since it sounds like you're having flashbacks and may be about to regain your memory, I want the seven billion dollars you promised me. Or some of it.
  10. john van brocklin

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    I would follow the Jimmy Johnson rebuild model from 1989...

    Problem is you have to find another Jimmy.

    He had a rare gift for both coaching and evaluating talent that is very hard to find.
  11. BHendri5

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    I would give extend Garrett 5/7 years and give him complete autonomy so that he can build this team the way he wants with no worries of being fired until the end of his contract, only if he has not gotten this organization back to the winning ways.
  12. beevomav

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    I have said from the beginning that to fix the Cowboys you have to fix the defense. So I start there.

    My first pick in the draft would be Jackson Jeffcoat of Texas. Some of the draft boards I have seen have him going around 20 in the first round.

    My second pick is an inside rusher, and that's DT Tim Jernagan of Fla St..He is slotted for mid to bottom second round. He's a five star recruit who underperformed in college,, but he has speed and size.

    Third round I get another pass rusher..or use it for a trade for a game changing pass rusher.

    Next I address offense and take Spencer Long, Nebraska OG. He's one of the best interior linemen in the country, but he suffered a partially torn ACL.
    He will probably fall to the late third or fourth round.

    I get a running back in free agency. Maurice Jones-Drew. He's only 28 has exceptional speed and quickness. He runs and catches the ball, and he definitely wants out of Jacksonville. Henry Melton of the Bears or Jared Allen of the Vikings are both UFA but will probably cost too much. Melton is also coming off a season ending knee injury, so he would probably not be available until start of the 2014 season..

    A few moves with the current roster.
    Staying... Dan Bailey, Hatcher if he agrees to a two year deal for $3 mil a year. Brandon Carter if he doesn't cost too much and punter Chris Jones.
    Gone ... Miles Austin, Phillip Tanner, Ware(if possible),

    That's a start..How did I do?
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  13. CaptainMorgan

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    It wouldnt be a train robbery Im sure but I would still move these current players for essentially whatever I could get in return and build from there.
  14. bkight13

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    Jimmy was in the unique position of having coached or recruited most of the top college players. His staff probably knew a lot more about those guys than most scouts. It was interesting he couldn't repeat his success once he left Dallas.
  15. 65fastback2plus2

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    id fire garrett and callahan at the end of the season.

    i would trade ware and witten for draft picks. i would tell miles his services are no longer needed. id dump randle.

    i would take D line in the first 2 rounds of the draft. RB in the third. i might resign spencer for 1 year. id get my money back from ratliff. id sign a FA guard that doesnt suck. id pick up a full back.
  16. CopenhagenCowboy

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    Before I signed any such deal, I would demand the firing of Stephen Jones, Jason Garrett and Monte Kiffin. Also, Jerry would have to guarantee that he's not doing anything else than taking care of the financial side of business.

    No, I'm not getting the job...
  17. texbumthelife

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    To all those whose first task as GM, would be to hire a GM, please explain your thought process...
  18. Coy

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    I'd fire the coach right away
  19. dupree89

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    I see a potential problem in this termination. During the exit interview, please check his pockets so he doesnt try to take that bottle of secret sauce with him. Obviously, the bottle is still full. I dont believe the safety-label has even been compromised. Get that bottle before he leaves the building. please.
  20. nalam

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    That's the best , choose a good guy and give him all the necessary tools and let him do his thing.

    In the salary cap era , doing everything you wish with the players is not easy but who plays , who is benched ,should be coaches decision.

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