If you were to draft solely by need....

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by a_minimalist, Sep 23, 2012.

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    If we redraft 2011 should we take Watts instead of Smith?

    I remember Elway not being happy with the Broncos drafting his successor in the first round.

    Romo would be upset with a QB in the first three rounds.
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    Romo would be upset with a QB in the first three rounds

    what has he won for us ?????????????????

    I'll take Tyler Bray all day long
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    Amen, brother.

    The way you reconcile these things, and the way need can factor into the early rounds of the draft, is through trading. If your clear BPA plays a position where you really have no need, you see whether you can get value in trade that justifies passing on him. If other teams evaluate him the way you do, you should get that value. Otherwise, you trust your board and take the guy anyway.
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    Geno Smith QB need to really start looking to the future. A 33 yr old QB is not smart planning for a franchise that has only 1 playoff win in like 16 years.

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