If you would have told me the goal was to have..

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by coult44, Apr 28, 2013.

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    You're the one assuming they value other positions more highly. Perhaps they valued the players picked as the BPA and tried not to draft another OL based on need which is what they did in the first.

    And which has everyone including you up in arms because even though they took an offensive lineman they didn't get enough in trade for it, picked one in the wrong slot, picked one INSTEAD of a DL, yada yada frackin yada. So even when they do draft for need and actually pick up a player (Williams) doing so, you people are still not happy. Perhaps they aren't as unhappy with some of the OL as you people seem to be. No one complains about Smith but he wasn't a tower of power either but the rest of the entire OL sucks. Maybe they think they can live with Parnell/Free/FA/Weems, Livings/roster player/vet FA, Costa or Frederick at C/RG and Smith.
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    Could not agree more. I believe the switch to 4-3 will help Ratt, Liss, & Hatch. Still many of you just want to write them off like they can't get it done. Actually, I believe that in this new scheme they will do even better.

    In addition, I understand sports forums are for fans who not only love the game but so they can be heard but some people here take venting to another level. OMG! Cry much? Get over it. Lets see what we put together and hope for the health of our players.
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    Can you post anything that supports your position at all? You are as clueless about the future of these players and their contributions as the other guy is about their lack of same.

    Or did that slip by you?
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    What happens if Frederick gets hurt, or simply doesn't pan out? What happens if our "tackle to be named later" isn't the answer after all?

    If we had chosen to really focus our draft resources on the ol, we would have increased our odds of improving the weakest area of the team. Instead ,JJ elected to put all our eggs in one basket. As a result we're one knee or ankle away from being right back where we were at the end of last season.

    Sheer folly, IMO.

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