I'll get killed for this, but...

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CowboysLaw87, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. CowboysLaw87

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    If I had to guess on our 2nd round pick, I'm going with... Clemson TE Dwayne Allen.

    I think TE is a bigger need than most people realize, and TE2 is a roster spot that does get on the field and impact the game quite a bit. More so than ever, we need to bring along a quality TE because Witten is getting older, and my view of John Phillips is that he's fairly limited in ability (although a very nice TE3).

    Allen might be the most well-rounded TE in this draft. He didn't put up great measurables, but he was very productive, and has a great knack/feel for getting open. He's not a breakaway threat, but can stretch the intermediate zones very well, and has also been described as the best blocker of the top end TE's in this draft. Seems to be a heckuva TE2 to plug into our offense and provide very nice quality depth. Also a great matchup guy in the red zone for us, which is one of our weaknesses. I know people say "there aren't enough balls to go around," but it's not about the catches. Just like it's not about sacks with Spencer. You have to look beyond that, and if Allen is a true threat to expose mismatches and is a productive blocker, then he shouldn't be held to some sort of 50-catch standard.

    Go ahead and kill me.
  2. Future

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    No reason to kill you :laugh2: TE is definitely more of a need than I think people realize.

    I don't know if it will be Dwayne Allen or whoever, but I would be more surprised if we didn't take one in the first three rounds than if we did.
  3. DBOY3141

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    I would not be shocked. Garrett has already stated, they want another TE.

    Would not like it in the 2nd. Would rather go Hannah or Ellison later in the draft, but would not be shocked if we take Allen.
  4. Gaede

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    I like Allen alot. I think he'll be a good player like Witten has been.

    Wouldn't really bug me that much. I would prefer to look for a developmental guy though later in the draft.
  5. InmanRoshi

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    2nd TEs get on the field a lot in teams that run a lot of 2 TE base packages. Cowboys just shelled out money for the best FB on the market. I assume they plan on him being on the field quite a bit, and it's going to be at a 2nd TEs expense.
  6. TheSport78

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    I hope it's a player like Kendall Reyes, Kevin Zeitler, or Amini Silatolu.
  7. JonJon

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    How dare you suggest a TE in the second round? I'll Kill you! Ahhhhhhhrggghhhh!!! :chainsaw:

    Just kidding...I actually wouldn't have a problem with getting a TE early. If it isn't Fleener, then I would rather wait and pick up a guy like Orson Charles or Ladarius Green in the 3rd or 4th.
  8. GloryDaysRBack

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    I like Allen a lot as well..we move our #2 TE around a lot, they have to be able to play multiple positions..my untrained eye, determined Allen was the best fit
  9. CowboysLaw87

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    I think all 3 will be gone. All 3 are borderline 1st/top 2nd guys. Make no mistake about it, I'd really like any of those guys too. Just a prediction though.

    Dwayne Allen looks a ton like Washington's Fred Davis to me by the way.
  10. TheSport78

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    You're probably right. I actually think we're trading down in the 2nd. eek
  11. Macnalty

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    I am thinking fourth or fifth round, no real ribbon winners this year Fleener is a WR playing TE, and the others have not separated themselves from each other with play or stats. Get that Oline fixed and things will seem much less urgent with previous below average players becoming above the norm (Philips).
  12. DezBRomo9

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    I think Allen will be off the board in one of the first two picks in the second round, either to the Rams or Colts, or whoever trades up to nab him. He will be a blue collar guy who is dependable for 50 catches 800 yards and 4-7TD's, but he isn't a 1000 yard receiver like Graham or Gronk, IMO...

    I'd love him, but would rather see a Dlineman, OG/C or CB in the second, then spend a 3rd or 4th on a Charles or Green.
  13. cowboy_ron

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  14. RS12

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    Could easily see a skill player they like round two, depends on their board.

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