I'm goin to the Cowboys/Eagles game this weekend

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Howboutdemcowboys31, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. Danny White

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    Yes, yes they do.
  2. iceberg

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    and finally someone admits it. : ) (where are you phoenix???)

    i'm sure there are fantastic fans also that don't care for the obnoxious vocal ones. but the "rep" the fans have by and large *is* earned. the only point i was trying to make to old PT but he kept running away.

    far as i'm concerned that kinda makes the "glorified troll" 5stars was calling him somewhat accurate.
  3. The30YardSlant

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    Did O.J. do it?
  4. SilverStarCowboy

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    I wished I was going, I'd wear my #31 Dallas home jersey. (#81 Jersey if I had one)

    I am 37 years old and I would not be afraid. I would wear it in the parking lot and go by myself. If I get jumped, I'd atleast take one of them out.

    They invade our stadium like flies every year, cheese heads were all over Philly last week in the stands.

    Don't buy the hype, be a man, wear your colors, and as with any public event, stay clear of the drunks. Remember, you show respect, you will recieve respect.....If it is the worst of the worst type of Philly fan, trust me, he has several people standing beside him that are not the worst.

    Just wear them colors, be an adult and cheer like hell!........I would.
  5. Timbo2st

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    I noticed some Packer fans on tv. We don't really have a rivalry or anything like that with them. Philly fans aren't really bothered by them.

    But, this is a division game. Add that with all the TO drama. It's totally different, believe me.

    It would also be stupid to go by yourself, like you said you would. It would be stupid even with a group.
  6. 5Stars

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    Why? Is it because the eagle "fandoms" are MORE stupid to know how to be civilized?

    So, which one is STUPID?
  7. TheSkaven

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    Or a child. Yes I have seen kids who wear Cowboys' colors verbally abused, and I saw on 7 year old kid get beer dumped on him.

    I know some people here say go to the games and wear your jerseys. Do what you will. But as someone who has been to the games before, you really do risk serious physical harm if you go. This really isn't about manhood. If you are going to walk from the parking lot to the game in Cowboys' gear without being in a group, you will definitely be harrassed, you will probably have things thrown at/on you and you might be physically attacked.

    Does that annoy the heck out of me? Yeah. Like another poster said, they invade our stadium every year and we treat them cordially and offer them good luck. It's a shame that they can't show the same good sportsmanship.
  8. Hoov

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    Interesting point about eagles fans traveling to dallas and being tretaed right, and at first youd think, why dont they learn and reciprocate.

    My guess is that the eagles fans that are problematic are ones that cannot afford to fly to dallas, pay for a ticket and pay for a hotel room. In other words, the fans that are harrasing you in the parking lot, are the ones on a low budget and sitting in the cheap seats, so the tailgaiting may be the best part of the day for them.

    I doubt that a family man at the game with his kids sitting in good seats is going to throw beer at people. They were auctioning off seats today on the radio, good seats, a 2 ticket package was going to go for close to 5 grand.
  9. TobiasEagle77

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    Is this you?


    If it is, I gotta ask, what the hell were you thinking with that hat?

    In any case, I'm interested to hear how things went. Eagles fans are reporting that things were pretty tame.

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