Im going to Cowboys/Raiders this year.

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by NotNOCODE, Sep 13, 2005.

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    Its my birthday in October, ill be turning 27....ouch, im getting old! So my girlfriend bought me tickets for this years game. It'll be my first NFL game, so im really excited, im really happy to say the least. Then it got me happy should i really be? Raider fans are pretty notorious, ive heard some horror stories from friends of mine about going there as fans of the other team. Beer being poured on them the entire game as one of the more tame stories ive heard, as well as fans wanting to fight after the game....i mean its OAKLAND! i believe it! I mean people have been stabbed in that parking lot. Anyway ever since my gf bought me the tickets ive been thinking, should i even wear one of my jerseys to the game(im the only Cowboys fan out of the 4 of us that are going). How should i react when something good happens. I dont worry about me, but i dont want beer being spilled on my girl the whole day or some otherstuff happeing. Im a very emotional guy so i know that i will be loud and proud. But i was thinking if that is really the best thing to do. Whats your advice guys, what would you do if you were walking into that place? Should i even wear my jersey???
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    i have put a lot of thought into this and after reading how ohio st.

    treated the texas fans and how michigan treated the notre dame fans

    considering you are talking about the raider nation.........sell those tickets

    for a profit, get on a plane and come to texas stadium !!!!!!!
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    Dang man...thanks haha. I dont know what to say to that. Well i cant do what you suggested concidering my gf bought me the tickets for my birthday, so that isnt really an option. Man, im gonna be in for some kind of experience i think.....
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    Where is your seat located at the game? Me and a couple of my friends are going to the game. I don't know where its located though because one person is buying all the tickets because he gets discounts and we'll pay him later. There will be at least 20 of us going to the game. Hope to see you at Oakland.
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    Tough call. I went to SD and SF but I'm passing on O-town, I got a family to consider...:D

    ...I went to the Raider game in LA in the 90's and that was quite an bro is going this week though he is with a raider fan and will most likely be more low-key unlike the other's not worth all the harsh treatment...

    Good luck!

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