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I'm going to say, must Win

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by supercowboy8, Sep 19, 2013.


    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

    32,250 Messages
    4,630 Likes Received
    He is far from the worst.
    He is average to slightly above average.
  2. silver

    silver Well-Known Member

    6,269 Messages
    970 Likes Received
    I disagree. We lose 5 in a row and he's history.
  3. Toruk_Makto

    Toruk_Makto Well-Known Member

    8,260 Messages
    7,708 Likes Received
    And the answer would be yes.

    Have we forgotten the example the Giants...and hell our own team...have shown us over and over again?

    The season is like the ocean tide...it ebbs and flows....that is the only constant.
  4. sadams

    sadams Well-Known Member

    2,863 Messages
    1,101 Likes Received
    3-1 would be real sweet. I'd say Dallas has a 65% chance of being 3-1.

    I said we needed to be 3-1 through the first 4 if we had a chance. The schedule gets real tough after that.

    Chargers, Broncos, Lions, Vikings, Saints, Skins are all on our level or better
  5. mldardy

    mldardy Well-Known Member

    9,225 Messages
    2,419 Likes Received
    I doubt it. That doesn't happen very often where a team in the middle of the season 3 games below .500 wins their last 7 games to win the division and make the playoffs but if you want to hope for a miracle again then go ahead.
  6. hornitosmonster

    hornitosmonster Well-Known Member

    6,681 Messages
    1,543 Likes Received
    You know the division is weak when a win in week 3 puts you in the driver's seat.
  7. PA Cowboy Fan

    PA Cowboy Fan Well-Known Member

    5,374 Messages
    5,330 Likes Received
    These next 2 games will tell the story. If the Cowboys lose both or split then they aren't a playoff team. This is the soft part of the schedule. Being the best of a bad division doesn't make you a contender.
  8. Bullflop

    Bullflop Well-Known Member

    5,920 Messages
    2,598 Likes Received
    It's not a must win until we're a break-even team and it's around Thanksgiving. Every game is important, though.
  9. Nirvana

    Nirvana Well-Known Member

    5,455 Messages
    2,232 Likes Received
    Conceptually I get what you are saying. Literally, no, but I get you. If we lose this game it will say a lot. It will take a lot of air out of my emotional investment into this team. I expect a win, and we need to win it to make a statement and put our stamp on first place in this division. Good teams win these types of games. Teams that are going somewhere win these types of games. It will be a defining game.
    Smith22 likes this.
  10. The Quest for Six

    The Quest for Six Well-Known Member

    9,886 Messages
    2,701 Likes Received
    Ideal yes, realistic, no..
  11. The Quest for Six

    The Quest for Six Well-Known Member

    9,886 Messages
    2,701 Likes Received
    probably close second to AFC east
  12. links18

    links18 Well-Known Member

    11,972 Messages
    3,245 Likes Received
    If we lose to the Rams, we are staring 1-4 in the face. Heck, beat the Rams, we are still staring 2-3 in the face. We need to win this game.
  13. Doomsday101

    Doomsday101 Well-Known Member

    86,713 Messages
    9,393 Likes Received
    It is a big game because it is the next game. They can't continue to put themselfs in a hole and be forced to fight like hell to have a chance later on.
  14. iceman117

    iceman117 Active Member

    739 Messages
    135 Likes Received
    It appears that way but it isn't, AFC east and north are the weakest and the NFCE may not have that power house team in the division like some other divisions but there is no push over game and any of the 4 teams can win the division so it's still a tough division
  15. cowboyschmps3

    cowboyschmps3 Well-Known Member

    3,950 Messages
    641 Likes Received
    It's a must win for sure
  16. big dog cowboy

    big dog cowboy THE BIG DOG Staff Member

    63,980 Messages
    16,652 Likes Received
    That seems to change from week to week.
  17. AmberBeer

    AmberBeer Well-Known Member

    5,253 Messages
    2,541 Likes Received
    Every game in the NFL is a must win. Anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves.
  18. dexternjack

    dexternjack World Traveler

    11,113 Messages
    5,755 Likes Received
    Why is everyone assuming SD beats us? The Cowboys play well against the Chargers(6-3 overall) especially in SD(4-1). Pre-season games not included.
  19. links18

    links18 Well-Known Member

    11,972 Messages
    3,245 Likes Received
    I am not assuming that we lose, but we are unlikely to be favorites in that game.
  20. coult44

    coult44 Well-Known Member

    3,180 Messages
    2,220 Likes Received
    The more games you win early, the less "MUST WINS" you have late. We should win this game. The only way I see us loosing is if JJ, Red, or Bill , come out and run the ball 50 times to prove a point. They have been blasted locally and nationally for not even trying to establish a running game. If they come out trying prove something, it could be a mess. What is a MUST? It's a MUST that we have a balanced offensive game plan. It's a MUST that we don't give Bulger all day to throw the ball. It's a MUST that we win the turnover battle. And finally it's a MUST that the coaches let Tony be Tony. Stop trying to turn him into something he's not...

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