I'm here to take my beating: I WAS WRONG ABOUT JULIUS JONES

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by mr.jameswoods, Dec 6, 2004.

  1. mr.jameswoods

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    Okay guys, take your best shot and don't be kind because you know if I was right about him being a bust, I would have rubbed it in so I will admit that I was a big fat idiot and had poor judgement in regards to Julius Jones. Lay it on guys!
  2. LaTunaNostra

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    Rub it in, James? Why? The draft is a crap shoot even for the scouts and other paid evaluators.

    "We" the laymen are going to be wrong nine times out of ten.
  3. Roughneck

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    You know, normally at this time I would be tearing into you like a shark on a feeding frenzy but I just can't. I am way too pleased with Julius' & The Rest of the Boys' performance tonight to be hatin' on anyone. That combined with you coming back here to take your beating like a man and I don't think you should get your chops busted too badly. Just don't ever let it happen again.


    KINGBRICE_28 New Member

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    One good game didn't make emmitt, although it is a start.

    Seattle couldn't stop the run all season though........I figure against better team julius would get 100 playing like that though.......maybe it was the poor Dline play or maybe jones ios a HOF'er....who knows....still too early.... :cool:
  5. Roughneck

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    Where the hell do you get that from? They were 12th in Rushing Defense coming into the night. There were 20 teams worse than they were in that entire category. They're not the Steelers but they sure as hell aren't the Bengals.
  6. davidyee

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    ...what rationale did you use to form your opinion on Jones? It's so early in his development that about the only thing you can criticize him for is possibly his poor hands in this past game.
  7. BadKarma

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    You're not alone, James...I think there were a lot of us who felt the same especially after JJ getting injured early on.
  8. AceofSpades

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    Exactly, I went back and started reading some of the posts after we drafted Julius and most people were screaming about not drafting Jackson and it was a horrible mistake. :eek:

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