I'm Jerry Jones this is what i do this offseason

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by shooterware94, Jan 25, 2008.

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    If im jerry jones this is what i do, they want happen just some suggestions but i do hope jerry sees this.

    Anthony henry and Roy williams need to go i mean omggggg they cant cover THEY CANT COVER and if phillips wants ro bring his blitzes we cant leave those guys out to dry and reeves also stinks.

    Bring in a shutdown corner or trade anthony henry and a pick for 1, i would like to see pacman or more deangelo hall hes not happy there and wants out so why not go and if it takes a first round pick to get him so be it hes 23 and already an elite cover corner, so i get him and get a corner in the draft to fill in for reeves. As for roy williams trade him there must be some team that would want him and take on his contract, and if all we get back is a 4th rounder so be it we clear up some nice cap space.

    Wr postions, crayton is average owens is turing 35, glenn will not be the same, and hurd steinback are just not hat great so why not go after roy williams the rumour is give up a second rounder for him and detroit will take it we have cap space he will be a nice fit and draft a wr early in the draft (manningham the guy is gonna be a stud without a doubt)

    Guys who need to go are ferguson, glenn, williams, reeves, henry and jones and if we can get some play makers through trades and draft some young players we will be set for plent of years of great success

    Jerry is a smart guy he must see what we all see and that is no Wr besides t.o 2 guys in the secondary that are getting old and cant cover, and i dont wonna hear this cap crap we can fit it in.

    So jerry plz get some young talent and get rid of these slop old players and free up some big time cap space.
  2. austintodallas

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    Got run-ons?
  3. Duane

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    Now get ready for the fall out from the Madden GM fantasy. :madden:
  4. Yeagermeister

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    Pacman has to be reinstated first and even then I wouldn't touch him. If he can't stay out of trouble in Nashville he sure won't in Dallas.
  5. Muhast

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    you see my point? Im glad your NOT jerry jones. we all know we need a young corner but Henry isnt the problem. Roy and Reeves were. Henry was solid. Also if you think d .hall or pacman are elite you play way to much madden.

    so you propose we trade for d.hall (im sure the falcons would want a 1st round pick. he's young) and then use a pick again on another corner?
  6. zeromaster

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    Umm, where to begin...

    It's not even worth it.
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  8. shooterware94

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    muhast are you dumb. DID YOU SAY ANTHONY HENRY ISNT THE PROBLEM. Ok maybe i got a little carried away with hall and pacman and stuff but anthony henry sucks, you guys mention reeves as our problem hes a 3rd string corner what the **** do you expect from him. Aww do you like henry because he had 6 or w/e ints balls that were thrown right at him against terrible qb's the guy sucks we get a shut down corner to replace him and yes draft a 3rd strong corner in the draft then our secondary would be dominate . ANTHONY HENRY SUCKS CLOW, hes slow and old get rid of him JJ. As for you guys who also think henry isnt a big problem well.. okkkk then, but roy too of course
  9. Muhast

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    henry would have been a lock for the probowl had he not gotten injured. Reeves was absolutely awful. I dont even want him back as a nickel back.

    Newman was good like always . Not his best year but he was still pretty good. Henry was horrible in the playoff game but he wasnt even close to bad during the season.

    If you trade roy you take a big cap hit, and then you have to use more money to draft a first round corner. Therein lies the problem. But Im "dumb" because I understand how football actually works.

    Watch a game instead of the high light reels and you would know where are actual problem comes.
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    I predict a long and eventful posting career here for you.
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    :laugh2: :laugh2:

    Is this guy that started this thread like 6?
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    On that note --Madden has ruined our youth :D
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    Is this E-dunce's new pen name?
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    Thank God you are not Jerry Jones. You cant even comprehend the English language.
  16. cowboyeric8

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    :lmao: :laugh2:
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    Im sure the area stripclubs would profit from a Pacman Jones signing but I don't think the Cowboys would.
  18. IronCowboy

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    Line of the year.

    "and i dont wonna hear this cap crap we can fit it in."
  19. CowboyWay

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    I like to believe I can come up with funny quick one liners in times like these.....but I got nuthin for this dude.
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    Two chicks at the same time.

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