I'm not sure I've liked Lee's play in the 43 so far

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Aven8, Sep 16, 2013.

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    people are going to get excited, its their team its their time, etc etc. Hey i wasnt big on Dunbar, but some people are, maybe they know something i dont. But Lee and Carter are healthy and doing good in a new system, lets just give it some time and understand whats needed of them. Like some posters have said, the play shifts and more is going to go Carters way and hes been playing good and Lee is a general on that field. So if he has worse stats but the defense holds maybe he doesnt care what his stats are so long as his team wins. He knows what he has to do and the coaches know what they are asking of him.
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    wonderful post as well, I didnt think the difference of the switch would make that big of an impact on Clairborn and here i am learning that yes, he may not fit the system. OKay, so we give it some time and see what happens.
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    I agree with OP, have noticed Lee struggling in coverage and getting lost in blocks.. Disappointing to see but I trust he will figure it out.
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    Welp, he just re-upped for 6 years so lets hope somebody figures something out.
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    I've decided to trust the horse trailer over you guys. If Lee played well enough to earn coveted horse trailer status on SNF, he's still the cat's meow in my book.
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    The defense doesn't "Funnel" anything to any side LB.

    The WLB is allowed more freedom to "roam" but nothing is "Funneled" to him in the Tampa 2 (that I know of).

    IMO, I'd rather have someone else at MLB (since their job is rather "easy" in the tampa 2). I think Lee would be a better Tampa 2 WLB than Carter (it's a position better suited for a guy with coverage skills and good instincts). I'd put Carter at either MLB or SLB.

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    I think the correct terminology is "spill". Kiffin's defense is a "spill and kill defense", meaning the ball carrier is spilled towards the weakside linebacker.
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    THat makes sense, since the defense is designed to keep the WLB unblocked. Even more reason to have Lee there IMO.

    I think Lee is wasted as a MLB in a Tampa 2. If it were a more conventional 43 I'd be fine with him at MLB.
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    I don't see any issue with Lee. I'm fine with everyone on defense except Mo. It's sad that Will Allen is outplaying him
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    We were very good against the run for the most part and lee had something to do with that. Hopefully Lee makes more plays going forward. BTW, I don't think this defense has peaked yet.
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    I also noticed that Lee has been subpar so far. Its only been 2 games, but not the playmaker we are accustomed to seeing.

    We have to give everyone some time, this is still a new scheme for them. As mentioned already, I feel Lee's strengths are being covered up some with this scheme. Or maybe some of his weakness are being exposed.
  12. T-RO

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    I was pretty loud about NOT liking the change of defensive coordinators. I'm sure the 4-3 helps some guys and hurts others. But Lee hasn't been close to his previous self so far.
  13. Doomsday

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    Im more worried about Carter in coverage, he looked completely lost at times.
  14. risco

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    In the NFL, the scheme is everything. The scheme can make or break you. I expect Lee to get better as the season goes on- not just Lee, the entire defense will get better.
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    Are we really complaining about a defense that gave up 17 points on the road to a good offense while having an offense that went -2 in turnover differential, including one that gave the Chiefs the ball in Cowboys territory? Get real. The offense not putting points on the board and sustaining drives is what's killing us.

    If our offense was potent we'd have scored 50+ points in week 1 with all those turnovers, and should've had at least 24 against the Chiefs.
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    LOL the same people who wanted to give the 3-4 a year to get the wrinkles out, expect this defense to have it wired out of the gate. When players are unsure they look bad, honestly; they are way ahead of where I'd thought they'd be. We allowed 17 points and part of that was on short fields, spare me. We played read with the front four much more this week and didn't get enough pressure, we adjusted as the game went on.
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    You are correct.
  18. Smith22

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    I think the defense will only improve if they avoid injury. The backers just need to get their drops corrected.

    I worry about Spencer & Mo being healthy.

    I'm not crazy about Allen at safety but we are stuck with him until Wilcox is ready.
  19. visionary

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    i am really not worried about lee and carter, they are learning and i am hoping that in the second half of the year with the familiarity of the defense with the scheme and the return of Ratliff (yes, i went there) and spencer getting into game shape, this defense can be really something to contend with

    now, we still have to be in contention in the second half of the year for this to matter
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    Give me a break people. He was playing in his second game in a new position in a new scheme and the defense, overall, played fantastic.
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