I'm not worried about Bledsoe at all, Backup

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BHendri5, Aug 14, 2005.

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    QBs is a different story. I read where some talk about the patting of the ball, so what, many QBs pat the ball and QBs have been doing it since the game has been played.

    It looked like Romo and Henson had an alright game, but I have to look at the talent they where against and the play of their OL's.

    Someone said Romo is like Garrett was, I'll take that. Garrett was a decent Career 3rd stringer and when he had to play there was enough talent on the team to more than make up for his weaknesses.

    Henson, I found myself rooting for the guy, but not because I liked what he was trying to do (I know some will say he can do this or that), I rooting for him because I wanted the team to win.

    The only thing I can say about Henson is, that I feel about him the way I felt about Aikman. I never was an Aikman fan, he was a Cowboy, so That is why and the only reason I rooted for him, and if Henson can make it that will be the only reason I would root for him.

    I just do not like those guys style of play. I like QBs like Elway, Young, Vick, Culpepper, Manning (Peyton) Marino, Favre, (especially Elway and Favre, they have that mentality, that don't quit attitude. They can throw multiple INts and they still will keep coming at you.

    Oh, the way that Bledsoe throws the ball, he has always had that throwing motion no one ever changed his motion, he has always gotten the job done.

    Now the team has something to work on, other than their own teammates, they will be alright.

    Julious will have a very good season. Barber will be alright he is good. Thompson will not and is not a better back than Barber.
    The reason I say this is he runs harder up the middle, I was impressed with Thompson's runs to the outside, but it just seems to me that when it came to running up the middle he did not run with authority. Now I know the OL was terrible so I will hold out my final decision on him after maybe one or two more games.

    But he was getting to the outside, real quick, but like one of the announcers said will he get to the edge against the first teamers?

    Run defense was good and the corners were good, we still need a FS, that one pass Davis should have picked it off, that was a bad pass by Warner that Fitzgerald caught. Some will say Warner threw it that way on purpose, I say that is a lie, it was a bad pass.

    I like T Johnson, Ware, wanted to see Canty play with the starters, cannot wait to see Spears and Fergy.

    Liked Crowder, I believe he and Beriault will be our special team stars.
    Crayton has that 3rd rcvr spot without a doubt in my mind. That trade to get Morgan, we came out on the short end of that trade.

    Copper can move Morgan further down the list if he come on with the come on. We will probably need to draft a WR next Draft for sure, at least one.

    Thompson will need to do something at RB, I was not impressed with his return skills.

    McBriar was booming those punts. I believe our LBs will be hard to handle.

    I'm ready for the season to begin.

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