I'm sick to my stomach over this.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by EndGame, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. EndGame

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    Literally. Three plays won this game for the Skins. Two bombs to Moss and a 25 yard run by MARK BRUNELL?!?

    I need another beer.
  2. dstew60105

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    Typical Cowboy loss. I was sitting on my couch thinking they are gonna blow this game.
  3. NYCowboy22

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    I am still in shock. Talk about depression.
  4. calico

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    yeah, we are skins fans right now...

    This game was over. take a phantom Adamns hold and a key first down that would have sealed it...BUT....

    we should have had newman on moss.

    Let them have it, we controlled the rest of the game...
  5. kojak

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    Man everytime ABC puts up one of them stupid stats about Parcells record when leading in the fourth quarter, always come backs to haunt us.

    I am literally sick to my stomache right now. **** the beer where is the whiskey.

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