I'm sure this thread isn't new, but who, specifically, should we draft first???

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by jday, Jan 2, 2009.

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    I started this thread as a forum for my own campaign for one particular player. But before I get to that, it should be known that other changes would have to occur for him to become a serious need. Roy Williams (SS) needs to go or find a different position. I have stated previously that MLB might be an ideal position for him, with his limited speed as far as Safety's are concerned, but that would mean he will have to change his feelings on covering, as MLB have to cover the middle fairly frequently - but again, at least he wouldn't have to try and run step for step with the NFL's elite receivers on a regular basis. One thing that you can't deny him is he is typically a sure tackle and identifies run plays pretty well. As a MLB he might be pretty successful. This may also become a good move should we lose Zach Thomas to Free Agency. Finding a MLB who can transition from college to the NFL in their first year will most likely be picked up with in the top 20 picks, which might be a stretch for the Cowboys to trade up to. Otherwise release or trade him, but having him play in an auxillary role where he plays only on plays where we expect a run seems like a major flaw in our defense, where QB's can consistently change the play at the line to exploit him.

    Second, trade Anthony Henry. This move I express due to the ongoing rumers that he will transistion to Safety being too slow to keep up as a CB. Sure he would be better in coverage then Roy but then I don't see him being effective at run support and I don't believe he has the overall size to be an ideal Safety.

    Now, given this scenario, Safety would come to the forefront as a need. Should that happen, I vote Curtis Taylor FS from LSU. At 6'2" 210lb's and a former QB/WR in highschool, he has the range to be great in coverage and could put on some weight to be a formidable hitter. Due to the dismal season LSU had and the good number of quality Safeties possibly hitting the market, I think he might available in the second round at the Cowboys pick. Of course, Taylor Mays of USC will be gone and Myron Rolle of Florida State will be gone. There is an outside chance that Michael Hamlin of Clemson or Nic Harris of Oklahoma might fall that far, but I doubt it. So as of right now, I have my sights set on Curtis.

    Next, release Brad Johnson and Bollinger. No brainer, right. The next draft pick should go to a QB. It seems like there will be several available in this draft that could be groomed over time into a decent back-up.

    This pick, however, may take a back seat to NT, if Tank leaves and no one is available in Free Agency. Trouble is, most DT's available in the third can't immediately transition to a 3-4 defense, even in a back up capacity, as a reliable anchor to the line. So, I'm hoping we either keep Tank around or snag someone in the Free Agency. Yes, I know, he expressed frustrations that indicated he was Free Agent and was glad to have the opportunity to move. I'm gonna let the comment slide, chalking up to that extremely dissappointed loss, and see what he has to say going forward.

    However, if the 2nd DT position is filled, I maintain that a QB who could at least challeng Romo for a spot might make him focus more on protecting the ball from both fumbles and interceptions. This is not a knock on Romo. I still love me some Romo. But every QB needs to face their mortality from to time to time to remind them of how fragile their position in football can be.

    Offensive line is yet another place that the Cowboys truly have some severe needs. On the other hand, injuries played a huge part in the poor showing of 2008. Missing both Kyle Kosier and Montrae Holland may have been the key bricks to cause the Cowboys wall to fall. That along with considering developing offensive linemen typically takes several years, I'm not seeing this need as a the most important acquisition the Cowboys make, though it is important that the Cowboys pick up a few to work on in relief situations. Rather they do this through trade, free agency, or the draft, doesn't matter, so long is they get it done. Despite Cory Proctor's horrible showing, as an Offensive Lineman, he's still considerably young. The best years of the offensive line are typically had in the late 20's to early 30's. Joe Thomas' are not always available...particularly in the 2nd round.

    Linebacker. In a 3-4 defense, you can never have enough linebackers. Particularly if you are a blitzing defense, which is how the Cowboys defense gained an identity this year, your blitz specialist will need frequent rest.

    Current Cowboys I could do without overall: Roy Williams, Anthony Henry, Barbie Carpenter, Brad Johnson, Bollinger, Patrick Crayton, and Flozell Adams (please do something with him).

    Okay so I just noticed that I have ranted for far too long. In fact, I'd suprised if anyone actually reads this last sentence. Kudos to you if you do.
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    We need O Line help. And Safety help.
    But if it were me, I'd go for the best QB prospect in the draft.

    Brad exposed how big the dropoff is after Romo. That stretch without Romo and with old man Brad killed us.
    Besides, Romo will not be young forever. It's time we start developing a QB.
    I like that Harral guy from TTech and that Sanchez guy from USC, though I don't know if he will be available.
    Or some unknown who will fall to us.
  3. NeonDeion21

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    Well first you have to find out what our biggest weakness is. Is it S? DL? I don't think OL will be our first pick because we already have our OL in place as scary as that sounds. It won't be QB because we have too many other needs to fill other than Romo's backup. I think after free agency we should have a good idea about what postiton we will fill.
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    ILB or SS or a massive NT.
  5. NeonDeion21

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    I do like Tim Tebow. I know not with our first pick but man the kids a winner and plays with some heart.
  6. ctrous25

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    Brandon Spikes -LB Florida Gators, to replace zack thomas

    Spikes probly wont be around for the 2nd round though

    Safety is another spot we need to address

    hmmm aswell as many others unfortunately:bang2:
  7. ctrous25

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    me too he s a great "football player"
  8. MONT17

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    draft 2 QBs in 09! QB Diamonds in every round, its the most important position and besides ppl give you high draft picks for them!

    imagine that?
  9. cowboyjoe

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    Fair post,

    Our needs are as follows;
    Safety, Backup QB, Offensive line, NT, LB maybe a speedy wr.

    Players that need to go, I agree with you on all of them.
    Roy Williams safety-too slow, and too small for linebacker
    Flozell Adams-anytime like after Arizona game he says i played good, shows he wasnt and thats the biggest issue on this team, his attitude, and the cowboys letting him get away with things
    Patrick Crayton, available in trade due to Miles Austin, Roy Williams WR, Hurd
    Tony Curtis, he cost us McBrair in arizona game, trade him
    Bobby Carpenter, trade him to Miami get what you can, with Flozell
    Proctor, trade him, he has been here about 5 years and still gets pushed around on offensive line, he should be stronger but he isnt
    Henry, trade him, he balked when cowboys wanted him to try safety, get what you can in trade

    Cut Brad Johnson and Bollinger, bring in a good backup QB & draft a young QB

    Maybe look at a young fullback, a special teams punt returner, i would go after sproles kickoff & punt dynamo from chargers

    I would also go after Harrison LB from Steelers

    Resign Canty and Spears, and draft a young NT, there are some in the draft

    then get a kicking discipline coach like Shanahan
  10. NeonDeion21

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    I think we need to start drafting winners. The culture of losing and being ok with it needs to change.
  11. brickman

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    That's right .... draft players that have attitude and want to win .... guys who get pi**ed off when they lose!
  12. dannyboy

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    Before we do anything regarding the draft, we need to decide about Canty. Does he stay? If not, can Hatcher replace him or do we move Ratliff over. If we do that, we need 2 NT because I do want Tank gone
  13. Spectre

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  14. Jon88

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    Another Larry Allen in the second round (one of Jones' only two Pro Bowlers he himself drafted. Make that three, but all came in the 2nd or 3rd round. Big deal).
  15. tyke1doe

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    Offensive line, strong safety/free safety and nose tackle.

    I'm hoping we strike it big and get a possible starter on the offensive line, someone who can take Adams place or rotate with him.

    We need a free safety/strong safety as Roy Williams may not be back, Pat Watkins hasn't really impressed, Keith Davis can't play the pass and Ken Hamlin hasn't exactly wowed anyone.

    We need a space-eating NT. I saw Tank Johnson and Marcus Spears being pushed back during the Philly game.

    We may need linebackers since Burnett is a free agent, and Zack is too old and not likely to be back.

    We need to groom a young quarterback, but I wouldn't expect a 2-4 pick on a quarterback. Anyone we bring in will be third backup material. We probably need to look toward free agency for one. Why we didn't go after Chris Simms, Byron Leftwich or David Carr is beyond me. Jerry gambled and lost on that one.

    Oh, and too bad we can't draft a coach. :(
  16. tyke1doe

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    But if you don't change the culture internally, those guys won't have much influence because they'll be rookies who will submit to the veterans. Pretty soon, they'll adopt the same attitude to fit in.
  17. NeonDeion21

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    I wish...our 2nd round picks have been awful the last few years. Although I do like Benentt but Fasano and Burnett and Jacob Rogers have been some big busts for us.
  18. Jon88

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    Martellus Bennett seems to be good. I think Larry Allen was once in a lifetime. Just like Randy Moss, but we drafted Greg "ho-hum" Ellis instead.

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