I'm Very Impressed by Terrance Williams

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboyMcCoy, Aug 18, 2013.

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    What are you basing that off of? His size? Didn't we have that debate in another thread? Harris was KEY in some games last year big time. I want TWILL to be great too, but he's done nothing in this league yet. We have too many guys that get too much hype before they prove they can do anything. IE; Church, Johnson, Crawford, Leary.....I get it, we want stars and we all have our pet players, but Harris is no bum and earned his spot.
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    Maybe a sense of humor?

    In fairness, I was the very first person to ever jump on Romo's bandwagon. It was a lonely ride, and I've never jumped off. I'm well aware of his abilities.
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    How can he be better than Harris,,,,he has 1 catch for 5 yards in 3 preseason games....I don't care if your injured of not.....Rookies have to earn their position.....and you can NOT earn your position on the sidelines.....if he shows it on the field, I AM ALL FOR IT.. But heavens sake make him earn his position...competition makes everyone better...giving a ROOKIE a starting position because he was a 3rd draft pick is STUPID....he has not even played a down against starting caliber NFL CB.....I want him to succeed....but show it....and earn it on the field...the DRAFT is over....its time to play with the big boys. Baylor was yesterday.....its NFL time...show up or go home..... How many of You Tube critics actually saw him play at Baylor.........

    he is RAW... has potential but potential does not make you a NFL starting WR.
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    I watched the play he was "wide open" on about ten times today. From the look on Romo's face, I'm thinking he may have been open, but he wasn't where he was supposed to be. I think TW is going to get a lot of reps with Romo against the Bengals, and I'm reasonably certain if they run that play again and he gets past the corner, Mr. Williams will hug the sideline, accelerate, and look for the ball where he has been told it is going to be delivered.

    Recall when Romo was asked why he and Laurent Robinson clicked so well, Romo said something like, "When the play calls for him to go down ten yards and turn around, he goes ten yards and turns around."
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    You do realize that there is more football being played than just in these preseason games right? You do realize there has been an entire training camp right?

    Youtube critics? Or maybe we've just been watching training camp video... that apparently you didn't realize existed...
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    Who cares about training camp? When the games start Harris performs. He hasn't lost his job. They should rotate third receiver again this year until someone emerges or flat out start Harris.
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    How about watching him play at Baylor...ever been to a Baylor game? See COWBOYSZONE hasn't changed one bit...... online HEROs
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    Williams was hurt by not being able to play in the HOF game and the Oakland game. I hope they really get him in tune with Romo in the next preseason game.
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    What an absolutely stupid thing to say. Where are you even getting this from? Williams is playing the outside because of his resume he built in college and his skill sets that he possesses that Harris clearly does not. Harris is a slot wide receiver and a possession wide receiver. I also find it funny with your first sentence because Williams has been nothing but humble in his interviews and in training camp since he's been drafted.
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    It was never his job to begin with. Williams has played with the 1st team the entire camp? Harris? 2nd team. Even Beasley plays with the first team. Let go of your preconceptions and grasp reality.
  11. Bleu Star

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    Williams is being groomed as an Austin replacement. I love the kid too. I find it so humorous how the inserting of competition at a position makes even the most comfortable vet stand up and take notice. I love it when a plan comes together. Austin had become too comfy in recent years. That ended when they called the next of Terrance Williams. The kid is hungry and I think he will contribute quite well this year. Be afraid Miles. Be very afraid. ;-) There is nothing that turns my stomach more than a professional athlete that earns the big contract and then fades to black afterwards. Austin was well into his fade. The presence of Williams will reverse that trend.. Lol. It's so beautiful.
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    And that's why we are the Cowboys. Where performance means nothing. See ogletree. Smh
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    How has Harris proved he's earned the 3 WR spot and how has T Will "disappeared" when he's had a chance to perform?
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    Coaches play the players who THEY THINK give the team the best chance to win. What you guys aren't taking into consideration is how these guys practice everyday. If Williams was just some "entitled" rookie who couldn't play, you'd have heard about if from the 20+ sports writers who tweet each and every play at practice. What we've heard is the exact opposite.

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