Im worried About Bill Parcells.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MikeD17, Oct 26, 2005.

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    The man is 64 years old now. Hes getting up there in years. One of the first things Parcells said when he got here was ..''Im too old too lose''. I got to think all these tough loses is taking a toll on Big Bill. You can see he wants to win so badly and when he doesnt he can't help but to look totally dejected and spent. You got the incident with haley, which just shows the teams ill fortune is stressing him out . On top of the tough loses the long days of work trying to make this team great, he just lost a close friend in Owner of the Ny Giants Wellington Mara. I know that must be bothering him too. Also when you reach the age of Parcells , it seems men cry more. As they ponder more there own mortality and reflect more on the deeper issues of life . I dont know but im not sure how much longer Bill can go . I really think if Dallas Won the sb this year he would retire. I think he'd probably want that. But if not he would probably finish out his contract in 2006. I know he wants the superbowl in the next two seasons. I dont think he wants to go pass his contract . I just dont think he can take the loses anymore. He has said on numerous occassions the loses are devasting and the wins arent as sweet . Someone has a picture on this site of bill walking off the field after the seattle loss, you can just tell by his entire demeanor that he's getting crushed by the loses.

    I just hope bill can pull out a Bowl in the next two seasons and ride off in the sunset in peace . :star:
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    The thing about Bill is that the stress drives him. As much as he hates to admit it, it's the losses that motivate him to get his butt in gear and come out the next week ready to win. Why do you think the Cowboys have yet to lose back-to-back games this year?
  3. LaTunaNostra

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    Nice post Mike.

    I just hope before he retires Bill can totally rebuild the team to be what passes for long term competitive these days. That includes leaving a competent coaching, scouting, and personnel staff behind....whether only some of them survive the next regime coming in or not, there has to be a sound foundation for drafting in the future.

    The D is gelling faster than I imagined it would, but we know the oline needs a lot of work and the offensive skill positions of QB and WO need young blood infused over the next few years.

    I am concerned about BP's health but have been since his first bypass.
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    There's no doubt that Parcells is a winner and he lives for the joy of victory. I have no doubt that it hurts him far worse than it does any of us when the team loses. I also believe that he's a realist and he knew that this season would be a huge challenge despite the talent upgrade. He certainly appears dejected after a loss but the man is doing what he loves, and maybe....that's all that matters to him.
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    I'm concerned about anyone's health over 50.

    Things start to change when a person's body gets to be 50 or 60 yrs old.

    It's inevidible.(sp?)

    But if he wasn't walking off the field dejected after the Seattle loss, I would be worried more.

    He'll be fine.

    I haven't seen him cry yet.

    Don't worry, be happy.

  6. Glenn Carano

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    Don't worry.
  7. Richmond Cowboy

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    Hey, Ronald Reagan became president of the United States (bar none the most stressful job in the world) at the young age of 70. Although I'm sure he may ponder his own mortality, nothing keeps you going more than having a significant role in society while making a difference in young people's lives. As soon as you stop functioning at a purposeful level, you have resigned yourself to the inevitable spiral towards death.
  8. WV Cowboy

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    Words of Wisdom, ... well put.
  9. notherbob

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    My major concern about Parcells is that he will become like Landry in the late 80s and cling to the old and familiar while the game passes him by and his team eventually disintegrates around him. I don't see this team disintegrating for years but the cling may not be so far away. I sometimes wonder why he does what he does, but he has built up a very good team and I'm willing to rock along with it, but I would sure like to see the team play to win decisively instead of just playing for field goals because you feel uncertainty about the offense. That puzzles me.

    I cannot understand protecting a 4 point lead for half a game, that's asking for a late game loss. All it takes is one breakdown. That's not conservative, that's stodgy and gambling against the odds. It's boring when you win and disgusting when you lose. Wasted opportunity always bugs me.
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    Our team will be good for a while after parcells leaves. somewhere around 60% of the current starters have 3 years or less experience. If Parcells can give us a good draft next year we will have a very talented and young team.
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    can someone please post that picture of Parcells walking off the field?

    EDIT: is this it?

  12. ravidubey

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    Trust comes harder when you are older. Bill's teams have been built around players he could trust. This approach gets him to 10-6 every year. That extra punch that won Superbowls came from special players like Bavaro, Taylor, and Banks.

    Sooner or later BP will begin to trust his 2005 players, but I think there are too many rookies for Bill to really feel comfortable.
  13. Double Trouble

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    I think he was 67.
  14. Richmond Cowboy

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  15. Qwickdraw

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    Very well put.

    My own father has spoken these very words when referring to himself on may occasion.
  16. LaTunaNostra

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    Good point.

    Bill has said many time being around the players keeps him young. He thrives on it. Once I recall him even saying he didn't want to be around old people, but young ones. That doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy the companionship of colleagues, but that like any teacher, instructing young people and helping them fulfill their potential is in his blood. And even the most stressful situations can be rewarding if one or two students have suddenly 'gotten it'.

    It's why he keeps un-retiring, I guess.
  17. MikeD17

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    Parcells said too , Coaches Coach. Thats why I think Jimmy Johnson will be coming back soon.

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