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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Route 66, Jul 29, 2009.

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    I noticed that my sig on this forum was gone even though in the sig box, the link was correct. I went into my ImageShack images and some were missing and there were some white boxes with nothing in them. I Googled this and this is what I read:

    "Popular image hosting service ImageShack was hacked Friday evening (July 10) by a group calling itself Anti-Sec.

    The Imageshack hack saw all images hosted on the service replaced by an image that detailed Anti-Sec’s manifesto. The group also distributed a copy of their manifesto to Imageshack’s users via the same email facility used to update Imageshack users with site updates and news.

    Anti-Sec is calling on the security industry to stop the practice of full disclosure, the practice of publicly making available exploits and security vulnerabilities. According to the group, full disclosure is a scam that helps security companies sell software such as firewalls and anti-virus tools as the published exploits can and are used by script kiddies; that is the companies are purposely empowering those doing the wrong thing so as to create more fear and exploits as part of driving business for services that offer protection against these things.

    There’s no official word from ImageShack yet as to when the service may return to normal, although at the time of writing parts of the site would appear to be working. Anti-Sec suggests in their manifesto that images on ImageShack have not been deleted."

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    it hacked my Buehler sig, supersized some crap on it, and I got a warning:mad:
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    sorry about that we can get a bit rambunctious...
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    Those damn Chinese.

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