Imagine Spears at 11 in 2005

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by supercowboy8, Apr 25, 2012.

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    Drafting Brockers at 14 if DeCastro, Barron, or Cox are even close to 14 would be like drafting Spears in 2005 at 11 over Ware. We all know Bill wanted Spears at 11 over Ware but Jerry took Ware.

    How would that have turned out now.
    Spears was a much better player Brockers at LSU and we have all seen what Spears have done so far in the NFL. Hell lets look at all the other LSU Dline that went in the first in recent years.
    Tyson Jackson was another player that was much better than Brockers and went 3rd overall by the Chiefs. He hasn't been some monster in the NFL.
    Glenn Dorsey was drafted 5th overall by the Chiefs a year before. Again he hasn't been a monster in the NFL by any means.

    LSU has a very deep talented DL that rotates off every two downs. They stay fresh with fresh legs which makes them flash much more on film later in games. In the NFL these players go up against better players full time and show they aren't as good as the film in college showed. I'm against drafting any LSU DL in the 1st based on the history of Spears, Dorsey, and Jackson.

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