IMHO: I think we'll draft a CB before we draft a FS

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by AMERICAS_FAN, Apr 17, 2006.


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    I liked the re-signing of Keith Davis, and with that I think that we'll draft a CB before we draft a FS for two reasons: (1) I don't see Jones giving big dollars to a high-pick FS when he can give the same dolloars for a CB. Safeties traditiomally don't get picked high for that reason, and when they are picked that high they tend to be SS's not FS's. (2) With the re-signing of Davis he'll be our starting FS IMHO. Also, I don't think Dallas will want [J.Reeves] as a full-time starting CB should a CB go down. So drafting CB will protect against that. And if Davis goes down, we can play the CB-draft-pick and move another corner to FS (i.e. Henry?).

    So basically, drafting a CB can allow for depth at FS since we can always shift a CB to FS, but if we drafted a FS we can't make the same shift for backing up CB. With all that, I think this is why Dallas will pick a CB with the #18 pick if they don't trade up for a specific player that are targeting (like AJ Hawk?). I also don't see them drafting an OL in the first round since good ones can be had in the second round (like LArry Allen?). This is how the draft is looking to me right now.

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    Lance Frazier? What year are you living in?

    I agree that the team would probably go corner before FS especially if addressing it in 1. I hate the idea of drafting a FS in one.
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    I only hope he is getting Lance Frazier mixed up with J.Reeves.:cool:
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    I think he did lol
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    I just hope we don't get too cute, and draft Carpenter or Lawson in the first, and go on from there.

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    Yes, I meant Reeves, not Frazier. Sorry for the brain-burp. :laugh2: I'll edit the initial post.

    Hey I like Reeves - showed some good play at CB last year - but do you think he can be a full-time starter? I'm not so sure, which is why I think we'll draft a CB before a FS.

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    He can be a good nickle CB at the moment, wouldn't want him on the field every down just yet though.
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    draft a cb and move reeves to free safety
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    If this is the case, then CB Jonathan Joseph is the way to go. Trust me, this kid will be one of the top corners in the league in a few years. He is a pure athlete that still needs some guidence, but once he gets it, watch out. We can afford to let him back up Newman/Henry and challenge Glenn for the Nickle CB. Also, he should be available in round two, which would mean we could draft Lawson/Wimbley/Carpenter in round one. Then there is Antonio Cromartie and Jimmy Williams, but they both will likely go in the first round and before we pick.

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