IMO--This is the BEST guess on Cowboys draft plans

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    This guy has very good perspective on our draft ....IMO :starspin

    Free agency fallout

    Free agency falloutBy Charles Robinson, Yahoo! Sports

    18. Dallas Cowboys – Chad Jackson, WR, Florida. There are several ways the Cowboys could go with this pick, and a lot of that will depend on what happens the next few weeks of free agency. Jackson would fill the need for a speedy young wideout now that Keyshawn Johnson is gone, but if Terrell Owens is signed, this pick could be used for an outside linebacker to play opposite DeMarcus Ware. Other options are trading back and selecting N.C. State's Manny Lawson or staying put and going with one of the safeties – Tennessee's Jason Allen or South Carolina's Ko Simpson.;_ylt=AmDKfb3y5_hBkxpNhGmVdNtDubYF?slug=cr-mockdraft031506&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

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