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    My first installment of the draft was as follows:

    The format for the following list name, school, position, weight, height and 40 time, as insignificant as the latter stat may be.

    2ND - Jason Phillips, TCU, ILB 239 6'1" 4.69 - In the 3-4 defense, the linebacker is quite possibly the most important position. So, while I realize DT, DE, and SS rate as the most significant need on most people's draft boards, if Zach Thomas and Kevin Burnett both leave, and this is not addressed in FA, this should be on the top of the Cowboy's list to address.

    3RD - Dorell Scott, Clemson, DT 312 6'3" 4.92 - In short, he's a good combination of size and speed that could be groomed behind Ratliff to be great.

    4TH - David Bruton, Notre Dame FS/SS 219 6'2" 4.46 - Bellicheat was recently quoted as saying that due to speedier TE's, the smaller hard-hitting Safeties are slowly become obsolete. With that in mind, this pick makes alot of sense.

    4TH - Clinton McDonald, Memphis DT convert to DE 285 6'2" 4.80 - As far as DE, there aren't too many picks that convert well to the 3-4 on the NFL level, in terms of size, who will liekly still be available after the 1st round. The Cowboy's might look to convert a DT, and Clinton very well might be ideal for that transition. My second choice would be Ricky Jean-Francois of LSU, 6'3" 295.

    5TH - Rhett Bomar, Sam Houston State QB 225 6'2" 4.82 - Graham Harrell is another possibility, despite the negative notoriety of past Texas Tech QB's. Though, I'm not sure I would pick him up here, as he likely will still be available as late as the 6th round. I might look to bolster the OL here, if that was my overall plan and Rhett wasn't available at this point.

    5TH - Gerald Cadogan, Penn State OT 309 6'5" 5.12 - It also important to note that he benched 225 26 times compared to my original pick here, Jason Watkins, who benched 224 18 times and ran the 40 in 5.47. The Cowboys primary strength at offense is likely their RB position considering the depth. The screen looks to be a great way for the Cowboys to thwart the heavy blitzing defenses that the NFCE is known for. Having a speedier exterior OL may assist in acheiving that.

    6TH - Cedric Dockery, Texas, OG 320 6'4" 5.24. Another change, Cedric Dockery might be a steal of the Chris Canty variety. An ACL tear from 2006 is why is stock has dropped this low. Since the Cowboy's have depth at this position, I wouldn't mind taking a change on Cedric over Greg Isdaner, West Virginia.

    7TH - Dallas Reynolds, BYU C 328 6'5" 5.30. It truly is hard to understand, despite his little recognized school, why he's projected to be taken in the 4th round. He was the leader of a unit that blocked for one of the top offenses in the nation, can play all four positions, and is reliable having 37 consecutive starts. If he's still availabe at this pick, I think this would be a no-brainer for the Cowboy's.

    7TH - Willie Williams, Union OLB 232 6'3" projected 4.47. Yet another gamble, but especially if the Cowboys have an additional picks, he would be worth a look and would be alot of potential for relatively cheap selected this late in the draft. Furthermore, Greg Ellis is aging and Stephen Bowen is not what I would call a great back-up for Demarcus Ware.

    Obviously, the necessity of various positions are likely to change with the chance of various moves between now and the draft. For instance, if the Cowboys move Anthony Henry to Safety, an immediate need at CB will open up. Domonique Johnson's combine time was 4.55, however, they projected him to be around 4.34. Nevertheless, currently his projected round is between 4th and 5th. At 6'1" 197 lbs, he's my first choice that I would take over David Bruton in the 4th since Safety wouldn't be a top priority with the Anthony Henry transition.
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    Is the reason you have J Phillips at ILB going from the 4th round in your first mock draft to 2nd round in the current mock draft because of how well he did at the Combine? Or more because it's a position of need?
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    Philips is really stiff in the hips and I don't think you want him covering backs out of the backfield. A good overall football player but not sure he is right for our scheme.
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    Actually, according to the draft boards I've read he improved his stock to be projected at between a 2nd and 3rd round pick. There's alot of buzz around him and after him, there just isn't anybody I could forsee lining up next to Brady James. Anyone that I would pick over him will likely be gone before the Cowboy's pick in the 2nd round.
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    There's a draft section of the forum for mock drafts, just FYI.
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    Truth is, I haven't seen him play. Everything I know I've read, and most of it has been very positive, particularly in regards to his character, which I think the Cowboy's will be placing an emphasis on in this draft.
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