Impact of Miami going QB?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by 31smackdown, Mar 21, 2005.

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    I was just wondering what everyone thinks the impact will be if the Dolphins go QB in Rnd. 1. Most, if not all mocks have them going RB... but QB may be more likely than most think.

    1- SF- QB1
    2-Miami- QB2
    3- Browns - No QB left.. already a mess at RB...Crennel needs multiple players..Do we see a trade down to allow the Cards to jump up?
    3- Cards - Ronnie Brown
    4- Bears - Braylon Edwards
    5 -Bucs - Cadillac Williams
    6A -Titans - Mike Williams - faced with trade down or take impact player, Norm Chow's influence convinces them to take Williams. Plan B- trade down with Panthers...Panthers take Cedric Benson
    6B -Panthers - Cedric Benson
    7- Vikings - Shawne Merriman
    8- Browns - Antrelle Rolle/Adam Jones
    9- Redskins - Antrelle Rolle/Adam Jones
    10 - Lions - Alex Barron
    11A - Cowboys - Derrick Johnson
    11B- Cowboys - Mike Williams

    Point of this is that if qb's go 1&2 ..who drops and what is the chain reaction involved?
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    I don't think it should affect us to much to be honest. They could surprise and go defense and select someone like DJ or Pacman. Maybe they decide to take the BPA and surprise and go Edwards/MW. They'd probably like to flip-flop with the Cards and move down to #8 for their 2nd rounder and still pick up an impact defensive player.
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    Most Mocks I've seen show a QB going #1 and #3.

    This is the way I see (and want) it to go, but there are many different ways it could go

    #11...WR (Mike Williams :) )
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    The only thing it might do is start a freefall of DJ to us. My guess is that Miami takes DJ. If they go QB, then Cleveland might trade down because someone would want either Williams or Edwards and they both will be gone in the top 5. I would say the draft would go like this:

    1- qb
    2- qb
    3- rb
    4- wr
    5- wr
    6- cb
    7- rb
    8- rb
    9- cb
    10- de/lb

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