In all seriousness, Do the players even care if they make the playoffs?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Everson24, Nov 24, 2012.

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    Watch the video of Garrett's speech after the Browns game.

    Rob Ryan is going around thanking all of his defensive players for their efforts in the game and when he gets to Jenkins, Jenkins turns his back to him and continues getting dressed.

    I know Jenkins didn't play that game and he probably didn't contribute much in practice that week but there's no reason for that.
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    Yeah, what the hell? Wow.
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    You are grossly underestimating the competitive nature of the individuals that get drafted to play in the NFL. Yes, there are some players that lose their competitive spirit once they get paid, however your generalization is completely ridiculous.

    Do you really think that you care more about winning than some of the players do? Seriously? The guys that train in the offseason, go through OTA's, training camp, injuries, preseason, and endure the physical hardships of putting their body through 16 regular season games? You think you care more than they do? From your couch? Please.
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    Yeah I think by the end of the season I want to see more football games than they do. The players have such a long season and with OTAs,mini camps and training camp, they now have a very short offseason. I'm not the one getting my body beat up so it does seem to make more sense that I would want the season to last longer than the players would.
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    I think they do but they are not losing any sleep over losing.

    The problem with getting the RKOGs is that they put things in perspective and believe family and faith are more important in the grand scheme of things. At least that is how I would see things.

    Personally, I wish this was a team of hard arses that were obsessed with winning.
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    While I agree there statistically has to be players who could care less and just want to clock out and go home, I don't think that is the case for many.

    First there is the competitive nature of football. Most players have to want it badly just to be competitive.

    Second there is a lot more financial incentive for doing well esp as a team. Teams that do well have to pay their players more as they are perceived as being more valuable. Players who play long enough get several contracts in their careers. There probably are a few players who have so much talent they can 'win' their battles on the field just on talent. Most have to want to win individual battles each game all season. So there is incentive to play well as an individual player as well as be part of a successful team.

    Having said that, again I believe there are players who are just collecting a check.

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